Luxurious Square / Rectangular Table Linen for Restaurant / Hotels / Motels / Senior Assisted Living

Make a simple occasion into an amazing one in just a few seconds with luxurious tablecloths for your square tables. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, award functions or company luncheon.

Guide To Choose The Right Table Skirts For Wedding Dinner / Business Conference / Trade Show

Table Skirts can make any table a stylish look, whether it is a wedding dinner, business conference, trade show, holiday celebration, etc. Before choosing the table skirts, we have to determine table skirt sizes, styles, and colors along with table skirt clips size needed based on the atmospheric effects.

Stunning Collection of Round Tablecloths for Restaurants / Banquet Halls / Wedding Events

Planning to buy tablecloths for wedding, birthday party, award functions, company luncheon or other special events in your restaurants, banquet halls, and clubhouses? If so, then we are happy to show a few choices available in the marketplace.

Perfect Cloth Napkins for High–Class Restaurants / Banquet Hall / Wedding Parties

As soon as enter into the five-star restaurant or any restaurants, the customer will start to devise about the quality, menu, lightings, table settings, decorations, linens (Tablecloth & Napkins) all plays a role whether to return the restaurant again or not.

Vat Dyed vs. Reactive Dyed Wholesale Towels for Beauty and Hospitality Industry

A dye is defined as the colored elements which contain chromophore and auxochrome groups used in the solution, which is capable to fix with the cotton fabrics. It should be fast or stable, so that it will retain color even after washing with soaps, chlorine, chemicals.

Wholesale Economy - Cabana Stripe Beach/Pool Towels (2 x 2) for Resorts & Tourist Homes

It’s a Beach season, summer is knocking the door. It’s time to think about the beach essentials such as body lotion, food and drink, lounge chairs, sunglasses, and most importantly, towels for guests, who are planning to spend their vacations, special events, and relaxations in Resorts or Tourist Homes.

Cabana Stripe Pool Towels (2x2, 4x4) for Upscale Hotels, Motels & Resorts

In Summer Climate, everyone wishes to have fun in Hotels, Motels, and Resorts Swimming Pool to enjoy their vacations or weekends with their family and friends to kick off the hot weather.

Luxurious Bath Towels for High-End Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs

The only cloth which will hug your guests after every shower is Soft and Fluffy Bath towels. Nothing will beat the experience of it. Are your customers experiencing that good feel? If not, you have to take action to replace it soon.

Summer is Coming, It’s Time to Celebrate a Super Cool Pool Party at your Home

Are you planning for a pool party at your home?  If not, plan to do it because summer is knocking your door. Having a pool party in the hot day will make your guests feel fun and joyous during vacations. Especially it gives swimming experience for kids with friends and family gathered together.

Perfect Outfit for your Beauty Salon / Spa

Here, we are going to see the different styles and varieties of Salon/Spa Apron for your employees to make a good first impression in front of your customers. Our Apron will be neat and stylish which give a positive impact on your business now and in future days.