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    How different salon capes are used in haircutting salon  ?
    0 How different salon capes are used in haircutting salon  ?

    In these modern days, salon capes are used by hair and beauty salons for hairstyling services, in which they protect clothing from loose strands of hair being cut from the head.

    Salon capes are water-resistant jackets or cover-ups, ideal for shampooing and styling; hair salon capes come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, material types, and styles. It is challenging to decide which hair salon capes are best for your business with so much choice available.

    The hair salon industry is expected to continue growing, which experts believe is due to continued demand for services and an improving customers' disposable income. The industry revenue is projected to rise at an annualized rate of 2.1% to $62.0 billion.

    The Quality salon capes should be both lightweight and also breathable. For example, nylon is an excellent fabric choice for its lighter-weight materials. If you consider a long cape, first get to know your choices with lightweight fabric and its usage.

       Type of salon capes used in hair cutting salon 

    • Barber Capes
    •  Shampoo Capes
    • Chemical Capes
    • Comb-Out Capes
    • Hairstyling Capes

    Barber Capes

    Barber Capes are the staples used in a barbershop or salon. There is more to a practical barber cape than a piece of cloth to drape over your client. Barber cape is an experience, especially for children getting their first haircut.

    Shampoo Capes

    Shampoo capes in a rectangular-shaped garment prevent a person's neck from contact with water during a shampoo. A shampoo cape protects the salon customer's clothing.

    Chemical capes

    Chemical Cape is used to repel all chemicals, including hair color, bleach, and peroxide. The Poly Chemical Cape is designed to protect skin and clothes from stains during hair color application, treatments, and highlights, the protection.

    Comb-Out Capes

    It is used to make hair neat and smooth with a comb or, in other words, to make smooth out tangles in hair with a comb. 

    Hairstyling Capes

    The purpose of the Hair Cutting cape is to make the customers experience mess-free and should cover the salon's client for protection from loose hair and color and styling products.

    Think of our products when you think of salon capes

    • Premium Client Gunmetal Shampoo Cape - 44" x 54 for $7.69
    • Premium Textured All Purpose Cape - 44" x 54 at the price of $17.69
    • Client All Purpose Cape- 36" x 54 at $12.95 
    • Stripes Barber Capes - 50" x 50" at $12.08
    • Fromm Apparel Studio Reusable Hairstyling Cape at the price of $11.99
    • Comb-out Cape - 28" x 28 at $7.89

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    How are incontinent products used among older adults?
    0 How are incontinent products used among older adults?

    Urinary Incontinence is the most common and distressing complaint in older adults. Incontinence can also be a side effect of medication. Incontinence products are designed to help manage urinary output and are most commonly used to protect clothing, bedding, and furniture. Other products used for incontinence management

    The elderly patient should generally be non-invasive. This evaluation method may reveal urinary Incontinence of different types: stress incontinence, overactive bladder, and Mixed Incontinence. Incontinence in the elderly is readily evaluated. The currently available forms of treatment often bring satisfactory relief with economical use of medical resources and little additional discomfort for the patients.

    Urinary Incontinence in the elderly is becoming the cause for concern as it creates a medical and socioeconomic problem.

    Stress incontinence is the type of Incontinence that results from the insufficient sphincter mechanism of the bladder outlet. The diagnosis is confirmed by the involuntary urinary loss resulting from a massive increase.

     In everyday clinical practice, urge and stress incontinence symptoms are often observed as a combination—so-called mixed Incontinence.

     People with diabetes are closely related to an increased risk of developing urinary Incontinence

    In older people with Incontinence, a non-invasive diagnostic evaluation can be used to reach a diagnosis. Conservative therapeutic approaches will be deployed

    If the underlying functional impairment is suspected. Depending on the detailed medical history of a fluid intake and micturition diary that is kept for two days if possible, it can be accompanied by weighing tests for the incontinence pads,

    The examination of urine rapid test and diagnostic evaluation, or measuring of residual urine can be checked or assessed based on the need. The extent of the primary examination must be adapted to the individual patient's requirements and needs.

    Types of incontinence products used by elderly people

    There are several incontinence products like

    • Reusable Underpads
    • Men's Incontinence Briefs
    • Women's Incontinence Panties
    • Chair Incontinence Pads

    Reusable underpads

    Reusable underpads, also called reusable bed underpads, are large rectangular pads used to protect surfaces of all kinds from Incontinence.

    Men's Incontinence Briefs

    Incontinence underwear for men is a reusable undergarment designed to absorb urine. The impact of disposable products, incontinence underwear, is becoming an alternative to pads.

    Women's Incontinence Panties

     Incontinence panties are a handy product used by millions of people to help them feel comfortable, dry, and secure. They're high-performance paint specially designed to provide all-around security, so they're perfect for people with Incontinence who need a medium to a high level of protection.

    Chair Incontinence Pads

    Chair or bed-based protective pads, known as chair pads or bed pads, are commonly used in healthcare settings where Incontinence may be an issue.

    Think of our incontinence pads

    • Care For™ Deluxe Plaid Reusable Underpad a $19.99t
    • Halo Shield Breathable Men's Odor Control Briefs at $17.85
    • Health Day Breathable Women's Heavy Absorbency Panties at $24.92
    • Care for Deluxe Floral Print Incontinence Chair at $19.41

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    What are the different types of Medical gowns used in hospitals and healthcare centers?
    0 What are the different types of Medical gowns used in hospitals and healthcare centers?

    A hospital gown is a collarless gown that ties in the back;It is worn by patients being examined or treated in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital; there are several other names for hospital gowns, like lap over the gown, dignity gown, popper gown, and pullover gown. 

    These hospital gowns are explicitly designed for the medical professionals and staff who can readily access the part of the patient's body or do the examination. These gowns are made of fabric that will resist the effect of repeated hot water laundering.  

    The global hospital gowns market is growing due to the increasing number of surgeries and other medical procedures. People are being admitted to hospitals to treat their illness and thus need hygienic and clean clothing. Hospital gowns are also called Johnny gowns.

    Types of medical gowns used in the hospital

    Doctors and other medical personnel wear these gowns to protect the wearer from fluids, germs, and bacteria. These gowns are referred to by several names, including surgical gowns, isolation gowns, surgical isolation gowns, procedural gowns, and operating room gowns; there are several types of medical gowns like

    • Surgical gowns:
    • Coveralls gowns 
    • Surgical and surgical isolation gowns:

    Surgical gowns

    Surgical gowns are used for multipurpose; it is worn when there is a moderate risk of contamination, but medical personnel still need more protection than just their scrubs. When it comes to the point of higher risk areas of contamination, they have a multi-ply material that is usually coated or treated to provide fluid resistance.

    Coveralls gowns

    These gowns are made of plastic or waterproof fabric that repels fluid. And is worn when a high level of protection is needed (for instance, when working with blood that could transmit hepatitis or HIV)

    Surgical and surgical isolation gowns

    These gowns are specially made for surgery, as the name suggests. Surgical gowns are mainly used to control the procedures when the risk of contamination and splashes is lower. Protection is concentrated mainly on the cuffs up to the elbows and the front from the chest.

    Isolation gowns give more protection for the upper chest and arms and the rest of the body. They are used during surgical treatment with a higher risk of contamination.

    Patient Gowns

    Patients also wear gowns for various medical reasons and procedures, whether a routine check-up or an experimental surgery. 

    There are several types of patient gowns like

    • Disposable Gowns 
    • Classic patient gown:
    • Isolation-V gowns      

    Disposable gowns

    disposable gown is a gown that is usually made of paper and is designed to be used once and thrown away. While it is cheaper to purchase than fabric gowns, the cost may increase over time as disposable gowns cannot be reused.

    Classic patient gown

    The classic hospital gown is most likely to have been worn before. The front panel of the gown provides full coverage while the back is cut down the middle so the gown can easily be put on and taken off. 

    Isolation IV gowns

    These gowns have been specially made for the shoulders to provide easy access to an IV line that may be left hanging open or lined with snaps so that the sleeves can be opened and closed as needed.

    Gowns used in the healthcare center

    There are various gowns in healthcare centers, such as

    • Barrier gown
    • Reusable Full Barrier Isolation Gown
    • Isolation Gown Level - 2 

    Barrier gown

    Barrier gowns are also known as surgical gowns made from a breathable, textile-like, spun lace material that is comfortable to wear. They are economical too. 

    Reusable Full Barrier Isolation Gown

    Isolation gowns are the best for personal protective equipment used in healthcare settings. It protects the hospital workers from spreading any infection or illness if they contact potentially infectious liquid and solid material. No virus is found at the end of the test; it is reused.

    Isolation Gown Level - 2 

    The level 2 isolation gown is used at a time of low risk 

    Think of our HY Supplies Inc. products when you think of healthcare gowns

    • Level II Isolation Gown for $99.92
    • Isolation Gown Level - 3 for $323.07 
    • BARRIER GOWN MADE OF 99% POLY/1% CARBO $422.40N 
    • FULL QUARPEL BARRIER gown price of $220.00

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    What is the role of the funeral homes industry in this pandemic era?
    0 What is the role of the funeral homes industry in this pandemic era?

    Funeral homes are a business that provides burial and funeral services for the family.

    These services include the funeral provision of a chapel for the funerals. It is believed that the funeral homes and funeral services market is expected to grow by USD 27.82 billion during 2021-2025

    The growth among the population of aged people and the number of deaths will pave the way for the growth of the funeral home industry. However, increasing costs of raw materials, increasing growth in the number of people opting for cremations at low-cost funerals, and increasing competition,

     and rising price wars between vendors will automatically challenge the growth of the market participants.

    Funeral homes can differ in every custom, but these are some essentials. 

    The Funeral homes industry also plays a massive role during the Memorial Day celebration, as Memorial Day and the funeral home industry are bound together. For funeral directors and the people are participating in the funeral profession has a special meaning Memorial Day. People in our communities have strong beliefs about this day. They have lost their loved ones and need some guidance to mark the occasion with the grace that it deserves. Funeral experts offer expertise in the art of memorializing those who have passed away,

    They used to buy table cloths for the day where the person who has passed away likes or wants to be. The reason for using the tablecloth is because it symbolizes purity and reminds us of each of the missing and their loved ones. They used to have unique table napkins specially made for Memorial Day to clean the table and other things; during Memorial Day, the celebration.

       Products used in funeral homes 

     There are several products used in funeral homes like

    • Sheets & Pillowcase
    • Tablecloths
    • Table Toppers
    • Table Napkins 

    Sheets and pillowcases

    Sheets and pillowcases are used as removable covers for a pillow and bed; they are polyester cotton. These sheets can be used as Burial shrouds. In the funerals 

    Table cloths

    It is a cloth that covers a casket or coffin at funerals. The tablecloth is also used in the Memorial Day celebration, which is used to cover the table, and it is made up of polyester, which is fire resistant.


    Table-toppers are materials with a flat top like that of a flame-resistant, wrinkle-resistant table.

    Table napkins 

    It is a piece of cloth in square shape used while eating to protect the clothes, wipe the mouth. It is also known as paper tissue used at the table; usually small in size, it can be folded and used. 

    Consider our funeral home products for your funeral service and Memorial Day.

    • Supreme quality T-128 Standard Pillowcases available in dozen for $47.99
    • Basic Polyester Round Tablecloth with a price of$11.99
    • Basic Poly Color Table Napkins for $12.57
    • Table Throws-Flame Resistant for $29.15  

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    Want to explore Towels used in sports-fitness centers?
    0 Want to explore Towels used in sports-fitness centers?


    Health and fitness are part and parcel of our lives; human beings need to be fit and healthy to lead a happy life. There are several ways to keep oneself fit and healthy such as exercise, playing any sports, doing yoga, and going to the gym where you can find everything related to health and fitness. You can use them and get fit. The gym is like a wholesale place for fitness. Many sports worldwide help you keep yourself fit and healthy, such as football, basketball, swimming, golf, etc. The towels used in the fitness center are different from the towels used by the sportspersons. These towels are used to wipe off their hands and body sweat. .and continue to do the fitness play freely without any inconvenience, towels are used as a tool in yoga centers. The material of towels is based on the place they use and the sports which the particular player is playing. Towels are a piece of thick absorbent cloth or paper used for drying oneself,

    Type of health care towels from HY Supplies Inc.

    There are several types of towels available in healthcare and fitness centers also in sports, such as

     Fitness gym towel

     Sports Towel

     Hand & Bath Towels for Yoga Centre


    Towels are made of cotton, and towels can be categorized into two types such as 10s towels and 16s towels. S refers to singles. Refer to the thread weight that is used. The higher the thread weight number, the finer and softer the fabric's feel of the fabric10S towels to feel more "coarse" than 16S and are usually found in economy towels. 

    Towels for fitness centers and training institute

    Fitness gym towels

    Sweat towels for gym

    Cleaning towels for gym

    Fitness gym towel

    Gym towel is also known as workout towels used in a gym, particularly for minimizing the outer infection, which is very common in any gym since germs are inevitable. When you wipe your body and hands using a gym towel, the infection of bacteria will be minor. It’s made up of high-quality cotton with fabrics in it, and it's available in various categories such as premium, economy, and standard 

    Sweat towel for the gym

    It is also one kind of gym towel used to wipe out sweat, and it is sound absorbent with Superior Quality, Soft and Durable, which refresh you to work out for a long time in the gym.

    Sports towel

    Sports towels may be composed of viscose, PVA, or microfiber, with polyester is woven in for durability. It's used in different sporting events such as swimming, golf, rallies, etc.

    Golf towel

    Golf towel is used to absorb moisture and dry golf balls, clubs, and sweaty hands. Cleaning towels in drying clubs can help reduce the risk of rust building your clubs. It also helps the golfer to have an excellent handgrip, and we have Bleach Proof & Non-Bleach Proof towels of high quality. We have both white and in different colors.

    Swimming pool towel

    The size of the swimming pool towel must be at 30" x 60" & up. There are pool towels available that are large enough to accommodate two people, which are made up of soft linen and washable and disposable.

    Hand and bath towels in yoga centers 

     It is a unique towel explicitly designed for use during yoga. Their primary purpose is to prevent you from slipping on the yoga mat by absorbing any sweat. It is mainly used during hot yoga's and a bath towel is used to wipe out all the water in the body.

    We supply all these products of high quality at wholesale and at affordable prices. It's time to buy. I'm sure you will not regret it later.

    Stand in the kitchen with style!!
    0 Stand in the kitchen with style!!

    The chef's coat is typically made of two layers of thick cotton. It is relatively common in finer restaurants. The restaurants have become more conscious about their chef coats since they are working in the kitchen. In other words, they are playing with fire, so the costume they wear is essential in the kitchen.

    In almost all the restaurants, the chef will be given a white coat working in the kitchen. As white color helps repel heat from the kitchen. White is also the symbol of hygiene and cleanliness; it is referred to as the chef's whites. 

    Nowadays, chefs and cooks are using black coats to interact with the customer, it can hide stains from the customer's eye, and it also helps them work in the open kitchen; in this modern era. Chef coats are available in black and white and in colors, but it doesn't have any significance for the cook's personal preference or a need to match the aesthetic of the dining establishment. They also wear sleeves in the kitchen and outside the kitchen.

    Chef coat

    The chef's coat is the double-breasted white jacket, which is made only for the people working in a restaurant, in a higher position, it is given in higher restaurants such as three-star, five-star, and seven-star restaurants. Although garments design and fit are essential for protection, the thermal performance properties of the materials from which garments are made play a significant role in protecting against thermal hazards. The standard fabrics used to make chef's jackets are woven and composed of 100% cotton or polyester and cotton blend.

    Executive chef coat 

    The Executive chef coat accompanies double-breasted styling, a stand-up collar, and ten-knot buttons indicate you're the person in charge of an upscale traditional appearance. These coats have two pockets, with one on the left chest holding the recipe and one on the left sleeve holding your thermometer and pairing with black pants suits this chef coat.

    Chef sleeves

    Sleeves are the chef's standard uniform. It is also made up of cotton since cotton is best for embroidery. They will have the name on the sleeves, which is done by embroidery. Based on their needs, Chef Sleeves are of two types. Long sleeves and Short sleeves

    Long sleeve Chef Coats

    The chefs used to wear long sleeves to protect from burns and cuts. The plastic buttons chip and fall off, whereas the knotted buttons don't, and it is undone quickly in an emergency, like a hot oil spill. 

    Short sleeve Chef Coats

    Chefs usually wear short sleeves while doing something in the Owen and while dining. We supply high-quality Professional Chef Coats for the executive in your restaurant. We provide long, short & 3/4 sleeves coats in different sizes, colors, and styles for men and women at an affordable price in wholesale. It is time to buy and be stylish in the kitchen. We have the brands like Uncommon, Classic, Newport, Moroccan, Chambray, etc.

     Spa - A Day for Relaxation and Happy Life
    0 Spa - A Day for Relaxation and Happy Life

    The term spa encircles a wide range of services and experiences. It can mean everything stating from facials and massages. The spa can be known as a widespread luxuries way of pampering. The word "spa" was first coined in ancient Greece and Rome to describe naturally occurring thermal springs. This kind of bathing and relaxation is good for health, so now it has become easily accessible even for ordinary people. It has been divided according to the range of customers. Let us look deep into the spa supplies like spa blankets, spa pool towels, bath towels, slippers, body wraps used in different type of spas.

    There are various types of spas, such as 

    • Day spas, 
    • Hotel Spas, 
    • Destination Spas, 
    • Resort Spas and 
    • Medical Spas
    • Sauna Spas
    • Steaming Spas

    Each spa is different from the other.

    Day spas

    The day spa is the most basic form of spas in which you can avail the service only to do facial and massaging, and it is less pampering. They use an economical range of spa bath towels for the customer's use. 

    Hotel Spas

    It is the most luxurious spas in the world. The luxury may differ from each hotel, but they consistently high-quality spa sheets available in the market, that is 100% Micro Polyester, 55/45 Cotton/ Polyester and, 60/40 Cotton/Polyester, and it is available in different colors. 

    Destination spas

    It is a spa that is the step up from the hotel just opposite the hotel offering accommodation as part of the spa. It will create a complete experience of allowing a calm and relaxed atmosphere. In this spa, the guest is seen walking around the grounds in bathrobes and spa slippers just for relaxation or as a health booster. They use only use and throw slippers made of 60% cotton / 40% polyester Skid-resistant with TPR sole Velcro closure strap for ease of embroidery 6.5 oz/square yard. They have various colors in them, such as blue and pink with PVC soles.

    Resort spa

    This type of spa is similar to destination spas. The main focus is on the resort, and it's all about health and wellbeing than just pampering. The duration may range according to the accommodation of the guest resort, and destination spas go hand in hand.

    Medical Spas

     A type of spa in which they use cosmetics rather than the traditional spas. Depending on the nature of the procedures offered, highly qualified medical doctors must run or supervise them to do chemical peel, laser treatment, etc. They use highly hygienic towels and spa sheets for the customer. They give importance to mental health than physical health.

    Sauna Spas

    It is a spa in a small wooden room, a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, and helps relax your body muscles, but you will have fewer health benefits. It is also known as a Finnish steam bath with hot water thrown on the stones.

    Steaming Spas

    It is a spa in which we take baths through exposure to stream is a kind of sauna spa, but the main difference is that steam has many health benefits, which helps to open up the mucous membranes around the body. That will make someone breathe more deeply and easily. It's good to treat cold and sinuses.

    Spas have become the need of the hour, especially during these COVID days as every one of us needs something to relax and to be stress-free. Spas keep your mind and soul fit and healthy. It will relax you according to your stress level. You will feel a sense of calmness in you and feel relaxed. So choose any spas and benefit at least twice a month to lead a healthy and happy life. Procure spa supplies wholesale for your spa and save your money!!


    How did hotel blankets make you feel the luxury in the room?  
    0 How did hotel blankets make you feel the luxury in the room?  


    Hotel blankets have become a vital thing in the hotel room; after the covid-19 pandemic, hotels overhauled the cleaning procedures from 2020; they have realized the need to sanitize the mattress and pillow as the hotel occupancy rates decrease and the hotel room's cleanliness requirement has increased. Rapidly, hotel owners have to search for cost-effective equipment to keep the hotel rooms clean for the guest. But it also helps the guest have peace of mind be relaxed on seeing the room fee, especially during this pandemic time; safety is the top priority in the hotel rooms.

    The Center regularly checks it for Disease Control and Prevention for safety purposes. And to know the risk factor of the guest, they check the cleanliness of the blankets. Covid-19 is understandably in the lime-light today; in reality, the hotel rooms can have bed bugs, mold, bacteria, allergens, pet dander, etc. The protection against bed bugs is a must, and it should be laundered on a "cyclical" basis.

    Why are hotel blankets white? 

    The blankets that are made up of Woolen polyester-cotton gives comfort and luxury, with its maximum softness;

     all the hotels use only white color Blankets to make them look clean and neat; the white color gives you a refreshing feel; it has a practical purpose when it comes to linen blankets; it is be washed together without any color bleeding. They can bleach to eliminate stains and germs and ensure that every guest stays healthy using white blankets. 

    How are hotel blankets comfortable?

    The hotel blankets used in hotel beds have accentuated the feelings of comfort and relaxation, at ease to the guest, it's soft and smells fantastic. They use special detergent for it, which helps the guest to relax the mind. They are used fabric material for softness and other deodorizing agents. The hotel mattresses are comfortable as they have high-quality hybrid spring memory designs for exceptional pressure relief.

     In this modern era, guests are more particular about the room blankets because they see the bed as a place of relaxation. The guest started doing everything by relaxing in the bed, checking the mobile phone, or using the laptop. Even though hotels provide a separate table for sing laps, most guests prefer the bed to use the laptop, especially youngsters, as they find a sense of calmness in the bed.

    They can feel the comfort of the best, which helps them concentrate more and finish the work quickly. 

    Why are hotel blankets so thin?

    The bedspread used in the hotels is very thin, covering the entire bed touching the floor. It is made up of cotton, chenille, wool, or polyester, the standard material used to make a bedspread. Having a bedspread thin will give you softness and luxury.

     Hotel Blankets available in HY Supplies  are as follows

    • Protective bedding                     
    • Hotel blankets              
    • Hotel bed toppers       

    Protective bedding  

    Protective bedding is used to protect the person sleeping on the bed from allergens and irritants such as dust mites, bed bugs, mold, dead skin, etc.

    Hotel blankets

    Hotel blankets can be classified into various names such as thicker, fluffier comforters are sold as "duvets," used to cover and protect them.

    Hotel bed toppers

    The mattress is designed to lie on the top of the bed; it is a function to provide comfort, especially when the existing mattress is worn or uncomfortable, to sleep.

    Our hotel blankets will give your guest the most comfortable stay in a hotel room, and we supply high-quality hotel blankets that make it easier for you to keep up with cleaning your sheets and bed, so your bedroom feels like a luxuries room; 

    if you use our table toppers, it will give your guest the pleasure without any discomfort time to buy hurry up.                                                                                                     


    The chef apron protects you from the mess!!
    0 The chef apron protects you from the mess!!

    The chef apron is a unique garment designed mainly for the people working in the kitchen since it helps them protect themselves from the mess in the kitchen. People used to wear aprons in front of the body. It may have several purposes, but today it is considered a functional accessory that protects one's clothes and skin from stains and marks. 

    An apron is also considered the uniform for those working in bakery restaurants and salons. Aprons are also worn as a decoration for hygienic reasons; they also prevent heat, acids. The apron is considered to be a tool to hold or to carry some pieces. An apron is usually held in place by two ribbon-like strips of cloth tied at the back. Aprons are usually made up of cotton, nylon, and leather. These are the three common materials that are used to make the apron. They also use three by five feet pieces of fabric. Aprons act as a barrier.

    There are three types of chef aprons available in HY Supplies Inc. are as follows

    •  Bib Aprons
    •  Waist Aprons
    •  Bistro Chef Aprons

    Bib Aprons

    Bib apron is the type of apron known as French chefs apron" or a "barbecue apron, and it is one of the oldest aprons; it is first made from fabric scraps. This apron's practical design and full coverage have made it an appealing choice for workers. Bib aprons are more useful for kitchen and cooking staff to protect their upper bodies from stains and splatters. 

    Waist Aprons

    A waist apron is made to fit snugly around hipsIt is the popular apron used in the field of hospitality since it has a front pocket. It is also known as a severe apron. This apron protects the lower body. Its machine washable and waist aprons are made up of polyester and cotton blend. The waist apron has the other name as half apron.

    Bistro Chef Aprons

    Chef aprons are nothing but a bib apron, which is usually well designed with adjustable neck straps. It looks stylish just because of commercial usage as uniform. Traditionally, the purpose of the apron is also to protect the wearer's garments from food stains and smells.

    The primary purpose of chef aprons is protection from the heat. Chef uses white aprons because they can bleach, so the stains aren't permanent. Additionally, white is also reflective, repelling heat instead of absorbing it. There are color aprons too.

    We supply all the aprons at wholesale rates in high quality. It is heat resistant with high durability. It's time to buy, use once you feel the comfort. 


    Wash your Car with Towels and make it shine!!
    1 Wash your Car with Towels and make it shine!!


    In this modern era, the automobile has become part of our life, especially the car. We have at least one car in every home now. To wash your car, you need to have high-quality towels that help you keep your car clean and shiny. 

    The car towels are made up of extra microfiber material and have silk banded edges to remove swirls and scratches in the car; the size of the car towel will be 26 to 35 inches which are used to clean big cars Suv500 and so on. This type of towel features adding fibers in a spiral pattern to get an extra absorbency. These towels are very soft, and I think there is another towel used in a car wash that is detailing towels, the primary usage of this towel is to wipe off the dirt, debris, dust, and other particles from the car's surface. It also helps in removing the wax in the car.

      Towels are available in our HY Supplies Inc. that are listed as follows.    

    •   Microfiber Towels 
    •   Detailing Towels
    •   Cotton Terry Towels
    •   Cleaning Cloths               

     Car Towels

     Car towels are made up of cotton and microfiber; it is the blend of synthetics, specially made for cars from polyester and polyamide.

    Microfiber Towels

    A microfiber Towel is considered invaluable when it comes to car wash since it is highly absorbent. It has thousands of tiny fibers stuck up and removes the liquid from a vehicle's surface. 

    Microfiber can absorb eight times its weight in water. It is the main reason to consider microfiber towels as the best towels for the car wash.

    Detailing Towels

    Detailing Towels are made up of cotton, which is used to wipe off the dust particles from the car's surface. It also helps to wax it. The best car detailing is the 70/30 blend. However, an 80/20 blend can also work. The Waffle weaves are super absorbent and are best suited for a car wash.

    Terry Towels

    Terry towel is made of fabric woven with so many protruding loops of thread used to absorb a large about of water, this type of towel is used to clean cars during the rainy season.

    Cleaning cloths

    It is the type of cloth used to clean specific objects such as cotton fabric, spongy woven texture; it is aided by two-needle bars, which makes the cloth easy to handle. These are lint-free cleaning cloths used extensively for cleaning and polishing.

    We supply all the products with high quality and durability at wholesale price at a meager cost. Time to buy!!