Funeral Homes Supplies

Funeral Table Linens

HY Supplies Inc. offers an exclusive collection of Funeral Home Table Linen Supplies, Sympathy & Funeral/Memorial Celebration Supplies, and Medical Supplies for Funerals. Under Table Linens for Funeral/Memorial Decorations, we have different varieties of Tablecloths, Table skirts, Tablethrows, Table Napkins, and Table Runners.

Funeral Supplies

We have different combinations of polycotton draw/flat sheets that can be in Funerals as burial shrouds for winding /wrapping. We also offer Standard - 42" x 36" pillowcases along with it.

Medical/ Protective Supplies:

We provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Masks and Isolation/Protective Gowns for funerals to protect yourselves from infections.