Incontinence Products with Odor-Control Technology


It’s hard to feel secure when you are worried about having embarrassing odors. HY Supplies Inc Offers Odor control incontinence products that eliminate unpleasant odors. We have launched products from HaloShield™. It has a special coating that gives advanced antimicrobial protection. HaloShield binds the chlorine molecules found in ordinary household chlorine bleach with our highly absorbent materials.HaloShield™ products kill 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria.

Discover Salk’s HaloShield technology in our CareFor™ products like Ultra Women’s Panties, Ultra Men’s Briefs, and Ultra Odor-Control Underpads. Get ready to stop making excuses. Get out of the house. Enjoy freedom from odors and embarrassment. Stay social with us.

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HaloShield® Odor Control Underpad (Price/Each)

21.69/Ea. Unisex, Ultra-soft layers, Absorbency Level-Heavy, Odor Control-High, Antimicrobial Protection, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

Underpad Haloshield 23x36 - (UPC Code: 038856199029)

Underpad Haloshield 32x36 - (UPC Code: 038856199425)

Underpad Haloshield 36x54 - (UPC Code: 038856199623)

Underpad Haloshield drawsheet - (UPC Code: 038856199722)

Underpad Haloshield 36x70 - (UPC Code: 038856199920)


HaloShield® Breathable Men’s Odor Control Briefs (Price/Each)

$17.85/Ea.100% Cotton fabric. Made in USA, Absorbency Level-Light, Breath-ability->Partial, Odor Control-High, Ultra-soft material, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

LIGHT & DRY for Men size LG - (UPC Code - 038856678036)

LIGHT & DRY for Men size MD - (UPC Code - 038856678029)

LIGHT & DRY for Men size SM - (UPC Code - 038856678012)

LIGHT & DRY for Men size XL - (UPC Code - 038856678043)

LIGHT & DRY for Men size 2XL - (UPC Code - 038856678050)


HaloShield® Breathable Women’s Odor Control Panties (Price/Each)

$15/Ea. Absorbency Level-Light, Breathability-Partial, Odor Control-High Stock, Economic, and Eco-friendly, Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

Haloshield ladies panty: LG - (UPC Code: 038856502577)

Haloshield ladies panty: MD - (UPC Code: 038856502560)

Haloshield ladies panty: SM - (UPC Code: 038856502553)

Haloshield ladies panty: XL - (UPC Code: 038856502584)


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