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    Healthcare Textiles, Medical Apparels, and Healthcare Linens

    Healthcare Textiles are textile structures designed and produced for use in the various Healthcare Sectors.HY Supplies Inc. is a leading global healthcare textile supplier. Healthcare fabrics /Hospital Linens bring comfort & style to medical spaces. Healthcare textile product includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) medical gowns, patient gowns, surgical towels, scrubs, lab coats, thermal blankets, and more.


    As the leader of wholesale healthcare textiles supplies in the USA, HY Supplies Inc. maintains a large product inventory & prides itself on short lead times. We provide High-Quality Healthcare Textiles, medical apparel, and healthcare linens to hospitals and healthcare centers, senior care, nursing homes, assisted living, medical spa, and chiropractic centers. Our Inventory has the following products.

    • Bed & Bath Linens
    • Hospital Scrubs
    • Hyperbaric Linens
    • Medical /Hospital Gowns
    • Doctors Coat / Hospital Uniforms
    • Patient Robes
    • Pajama Shirts & Pants
    • Incontinent Reusable Underpads
    • Terry Bibs Clothes
    • Fenestrated & Solid Drapes