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    Vital Tips To Select Long-Lasting Bath Towels:
    0 Vital Tips To Select Long-Lasting Bath Towels:

    Before going into this topic, take a moment to think of your hurry burry morning. How many times do your hands pick towels? What are the different types of towels you access till you get ready for your job?

    From bathing to dusting, the cleansing role of towels is unparalleled. But towels are the most underrated accessory in the home. We do not pay that much concern to select towels. This blog is going to be your checklist for choosing the bath towels that last. For the blissful bathing experience, we need soft, fluffy, and durable towels (suitable for regular use). 

    To attain that need, check the following attributes of the towels before buying them.

    Weight of the Towel:

    GSM is Gram per Square Meter refers to the fabric density. The typical GSM range is between 300-900. Softness, absorbency, and durability are high in the towels of good GSM Rating. Low GSM rating towels are thin and lose their softness in few washes. The implication is towels range started from 400 GSM would be soft and fluffy enough to wipe the moisture instantly. These towels are never worn out soon in the longer run. 

    The fabric of the Towel: 

    Regular Cotton towels are the ideal choice for bathrooms. Egyptian, Turkish, and Supima cotton towels are on the top-notch level. They are very luxurious and expensive suitable for Hotels & Restaurants. You could prefer the regular cotton towels which meet your budget. Cotton & Polyester blended synthetic towels are competitively durable and absorbent. 

     Manufacturer Label:

    Manufacturer label contains some yarn specification which explains the way cotton fiber is woven in the towels production. This Specification also decides the quality of the towels.


    In manufacturing, cotton yarns are combed to level the fiber. It's a softer and firmer fabric. 


    Cotton yarns have hollow space. As a result, it is fluffier and dries faster.

    Ring Spun:  

    Cotton fibers are twisted together for strong & smooth fabric.

    Visual Examination:

    A well-woven towel must have proper hemming at its edges. Before buying towels, inspect them in your eyes if they are folded and hemmed well at the corners. It's to avoid the earlier unraveling of threads.

    On the grounds of your budget & needs, choose long-lasting bath towels wisely. If I have missed any features, mention them in the comments and share your towels' purchasing experience with me. 














    What are the Different Types of Hotel Towels?
    0 What are the Different Types of Hotel Towels?

    Towels are an essential piece that we use daily without realizing how important it is. They are required daily. With the travel and tourism industry on an upscale surge, the number of people visiting different places has increased significantly. The need to keep them satisfied and contented is essential for much of the hotelier’s reputation and business is related to that!

    People have a tendency to not carry towels when traveling, but understanding their requirements and making them feel at home is important. Thus, the staffs at a hotel have to be mindful of the service provided. Healthier relation between the guest and the host promotes business, increasing repeated visits. Towels being an essential item, as they are required for almost everything, hotels differentiate them and categories them accordingly.

    Wash Towel

    Wash towels though come in a variety of sizes, the standard size replicates a square and is used to apply soap all over the body. Using wash towels instead of hands is a good way to remove dead cells and spread the soap evenly all over the body. Soft and lax, they are very useful and convenient. They are mostly obtainable in the pristine shade of white, variations in both dark and light hues are also available.

    Hand Towel

    The use of hand towels is not just limited to hotels, but can be used in the gym area, spa area, and even in kitchens and dining areas. However focusing more on the ones used in hotels, they are regular-shaped rectangular towels that usually come in white. The use of good quality cotton to craft hand towels gives them a smooth finish, which ensures to lend a soft touch against the skin when using it. They are usually kept beside the washbasin, implementing their use. Some of them even come in an array of colors that range from brown, yellow, and green.

    Bath Mat

    Principally designed to keep the bathroom clean and dry, bathroom mats are larger than the rest of the towels mentioned in the list. The rectangular shape of the towel complements its ability to soak moisture fast, preventing accidental slips and falls. They are suitable to be used in all kinds of bathrooms, which contributes to their utilitarian qualities. Bath mats usually showcase dark textures and quirky prints, which add to the décor of the bathroom they are placed in.

    Bath Towel

    As the name suggests, bath towels are used to dry off the body after taking a shower. Constructed using cotton, the capacity of the towels to soak moisture is immense. Though they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the rectangular one is the one that is most commonly used. They come in a variety of colors which range from neutral to navy, among the many other available, rendering to the decor of the bathroom they are kept in.

    Thus, having a vivid idea about the different bath towels is important. Beyond everyone’s understanding, the relation between the hotel staff and the visitor depends on this pivotal piece of fabric! Prominent hotel towel suppliers have an entire range of the best and exclusive towels displayed on their vast catalog. The towels can be purchased in bulk with discounts available on them. if you want to update the towel collection in your hotel, then this is a great opportunity served to you.


    Tips to Choose the Perfect Cleaning Towels for your Detailing Center
    0 Tips to Choose the Perfect Cleaning Towels for your Detailing Center

    Every owner wishes to keep their vehicles clean and fresh – To do so, either they rely on Professional detailers or people with volunteers who want to raise money from it or the vehicle users themselves.

    As detailers you have to focus to maintain the look and feel of the client’s car, van, bus, truck, SUV, or recreational vehicle with the use of proper tools such as Dryers, Blowers, Vacuums, Brushes, Water System, Conveyor Tunnel or Self-Service Wands, Towels, Cleaning Chemicals, etc….

    Are you facing problems in car waxing, polishing, and interior cleaning to painting care and wheel glossing? Premium Quality, Wholesale Auto Detailing Towels will help you cover all these problems.

    Let’s come to the point, Here are some factors to be considered while choosing the right towels for your Detailing Centers.

    • Fabric: When it comes to detailing towels Cotton is the best choice. Cotton fabric will avoid causing any scratches or damages to the vehicle due to its softness, absorb water faster compared to others, and is good for repeated uses. One of the main factors in Cotton is high absorbency; these fibers soak well in water so you can get the vehicle completely dry after cleaning. The repeated use of cotton fabric is high which means less wear and tear. Buying a wholesale cotton towel will save money, time, and reputation for your Detailing Centers.
    • Durability: Detailing industries owners, expect the towels to be used several times and withstand multiple wash cycles. Cotton is the best choice, but not all cotton is the same, Invest in High-Quality towels to satisfy your needs for a longer cycle. HY Supplies Inc. Premium Quality Bulk Towels with greater durability help you to save money in the long run.
    • Weight: As a detailing center, you have to stock a combination of thinner, lighter and heavier towels for multiple uses. The thinner and lighter towels will absorb less water and dry faster. The heavyweight towels soak up well and get dry comparatively low.
    • Distinct Sizes: Car Detailing includes waxing, polishing, and interior cleaning to painting care and wheel glossing. Each task required different level sizes. The towel's sizes like 12” x 12”, 15” x 25”, 15” x 26”, 16” x 27”, 16” x 26”, 16” x 16”, fit best your hands for smaller areas such as dashboards, glasses, etc. Bigger size towels like 20 "x 40", 22" x 44", 24" x 48", used for cleaning larger area at a time.
    • Variety of Colors: You can purchase separate color towels for each detailing task such as waxing, polishing, and interior cleaning to painting care and wheel glossing.
    • Choices of Towels Type:
    • Terry Cloth: Cotton Terry Towels are best suited for Detailing Industry. Because it is a woven fabric with long loops that can absorb large amounts of water. Its content is usually 100% cotton, but may sometimes contain polyester. Durable and versatile Wholesale Cotton Terry Towels are ideal use for cleaning the whole surface of the car body.
    • Microfiber: When it comes to cleaning a Car, Microfiber Towels play a vital role in the current situation. A Microfiber Towel is woven with synthetic fiber, which has yarn that is finer than silk. This type of fabric can able to attach itself to the smallest and more microscopic dirt particles than the normal fabric. There are plenty of benefits of this fabric which will be used to clean effectively and have better absorbency more than seven times than that of the traditional 100% cotton fabric.
    • Cleaning Cloth: There are wide collections of Cleaning Towels such as Herringbone Towels, Lint Free Towels, etc… made of 100% cotton they are extremely absorbent, and Lint Free.

    HY Supplies Inc. helps Detailing Centers in offering a wide range of Car Wash Detailing Microfiber Towels at wholesale prices to save your money and reduce the repurchasing choice every month. Shop Online for Bulk Detailing Towels.

    Luxury Bath Towels for High-End Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs
    0 Luxury Bath Towels for High-End Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs

    The only cloth which will hug your guests after every shower is Soft and Fluffy Bath towels. Nothing will beat the experience of it. Are your customers experiencing that good feeling? If not, you have to take action to replace it soon.

    Here, let’s see some of the factors before choosing the Bath Linens.

    We offer the various quality of towels like 100% Premium Ringspun Cotton, 100% Super Long Staple Combed Cotton, 100% Cotton 2 Ply, Virgin 86% Cotton / 14% Polyester open-end, 100% Zero Twist Cotton, 100% Vat dyed Ringspun Cotton, and 100% Ringspun Cotton in different sizes and designs at a wholesale price.

    Ideal for your high–end Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs.

    Get a Bath towel with upscale jacquard bordered with 100% Cotton 2 Ply yarns with small piles, for ultimate border design definition, quality, and longevity to impress and satisfy your guests. Give an extraordinary feel to your customers by choosing a variety of Bath Linen in distinct designs, styles, and sizes.
    Looking for first-class Bath Towels? Here it is. Virgin 86% Cotton / 14% Polyester open-end yarns finished in a modern soft flow machine for optimum whiteness and perfect for your Resorts and Country Clubs who want the exceptional combination of quality and durability, for an excellent value.
    Our towels are the premium luxury bath towels with the finest Egyptian 100% Zero-Twist Cotton loop yarn that creates superior softness and minimal shedding or lint available in sizes from 22” x 34” to 30” x 56” based upon your Resort needs.
    100% Cotton Ringspun yarns are finished in a modern soft flow machine for optimum whiteness to provide the ultimate comfort, elegant look, and feel while keeping that first-class appeal for all of your guests.
    100% Vat Dyed Ringspun Cotton towel is finished with dyes that hold up under heavy use against sunlight, chlorine, and heavy laundering. These towels are designed with Dobby Border and Dobby Edge available in various sizes and colors like Bone, Kashmir Green, Blue Mist, and Colonial Blue.

    Our Collection of towels undergo a unique spinning process with longer-length fiber to draws and twists fibers together to produce thread or yarn. So that it will contribute to absorbency, durability, and sustain for more no of washes. To maintain absorbency and softness try to use vinegar instead of fabric softener. It is designed to meet the need for Hotels, Motels, and Resorts, etc…

    Our Collection of towels is manufactured at reliable mills with a centuries-old tradition of weaving and producing some of the world's finest textiles in modern facilities. These premium towels come in a full range of sizes.

    Get to know more about HY Supplies Inc.'s wide choice of Bath Linen supplies like Washcloths, Hand towels, Bath towels, pool towels, and Bath mats to impress your customers in your Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs.

    Find out what is available and give an extraordinary feel to your Guests!

    Tips To Keep Your Towels Last Longer
    0 Tips To Keep Your Towels Last Longer

    Everyone wishes to maintain the quality and soft feel of the new towels, but it is missing after a few washes. We have put forth a few tips to prolong the life of the towels.

    • Immediate washing is required: Once you purchased the new towels, wash immediately with detergent at a high temperature followed by a cold rinse, it locks the fabric loop together. It also helps the skin from hurt due to the lack of unwanted loose threads and chemicals.
    • Sort the towels by color: Wash the towels separately based on different color varieties like white, light, and dark. Use different cycles and temperatures will give the best clean and will not affect the color and quality of the fabric. * Especially, wash black and charcoal color towels separately.
    • Use Baking Soda: Wash all your towels after each use with baking soda will remove the stain smell, avoids germs, loosen up the fiber, and also acts as a natural disinfectant. Adding half a cup of baking soda with the detergent will eliminate the odor and keeps the towels softer and increase better absorbency.
    • Replace fabric softeners with vinegar: Absorbency is important for any salon.  Fabric softeners contain silicon which makes towels water repellent, so use white vinegar; this will give back the softness and restore absorbency.
    • Don’t over Bleach: Usage of chlorine, bleach, and other chemicals will weaken the strength of the linen fiber and leads to tearing. Here comes, bleach-proof towels which won’t lose color or get damaged by the bleach.
    • Use of Detergent: Be conscious while using detergent, some detergent contains an optical brightening agent (OBA’s) which is great for white towels, but when it comes to color towels it will diminish the color. Adding a huge amount of detergent will also harm the quality of the towels.
    • Dryer: The towels should be properly dried before being ready to use. Moisture left in the towels will increase the growth of germs and bacteria which leads to bad smells. Overdrying the towels will destroy the strength of the fiber and spoil the towels too.
    • Don’t Overload: Loading too many towels will prevent better spinning which leads to the availability of dirt and detergent in the towels. To prevent extra load, try to wash it at the end of the day to have proper healthy towels. 

    HY Supplies Inc. provides a wide variety of Towels for your beauty, barber, nail, and tanning salons, salon spas, massage centers, and beauty schools.