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    What are the different types of Medical gowns used in hospitals and healthcare centers?
    0 What are the different types of Medical gowns used in hospitals and healthcare centers?

    A hospital gown is a collarless gown that ties in the back;It is worn by patients being examined or treated in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital; there are several other names for hospital gowns, like lap over the gown, dignity gown, popper gown, and pullover gown. 

    These hospital gowns are explicitly designed for the medical professionals and staff who can readily access the part of the patient's body or do the examination. These gowns are made of fabric that will resist the effect of repeated hot water laundering.  

    The global hospital gowns market is growing due to the increasing number of surgeries and other medical procedures. People are being admitted to hospitals to treat their illness and thus need hygienic and clean clothing. Hospital gowns are also called Johnny gowns.

    Types of medical gowns used in the hospital

    Doctors and other medical personnel wear these gowns to protect the wearer from fluids, germs, and bacteria. These gowns are referred to by several names, including surgical gowns, isolation gowns, surgical isolation gowns, procedural gowns, and operating room gowns; there are several types of medical gowns like

    • Surgical gowns:
    • Coveralls gowns 
    • Surgical and surgical isolation gowns:

    Surgical gowns

    Surgical gowns are used for multipurpose; it is worn when there is a moderate risk of contamination, but medical personnel still need more protection than just their scrubs. When it comes to the point of higher risk areas of contamination, they have a multi-ply material that is usually coated or treated to provide fluid resistance.

    Coveralls gowns

    These gowns are made of plastic or waterproof fabric that repels fluid. And is worn when a high level of protection is needed (for instance, when working with blood that could transmit hepatitis or HIV)

    Surgical and surgical isolation gowns

    These gowns are specially made for surgery, as the name suggests. Surgical gowns are mainly used to control the procedures when the risk of contamination and splashes is lower. Protection is concentrated mainly on the cuffs up to the elbows and the front from the chest.

    Isolation gowns give more protection for the upper chest and arms and the rest of the body. They are used during surgical treatment with a higher risk of contamination.

    Patient Gowns

    Patients also wear gowns for various medical reasons and procedures, whether a routine check-up or an experimental surgery. 

    There are several types of patient gowns like

    • Disposable Gowns 
    • Classic patient gown:
    • Isolation-V gowns      

    Disposable gowns

    disposable gown is a gown that is usually made of paper and is designed to be used once and thrown away. While it is cheaper to purchase than fabric gowns, the cost may increase over time as disposable gowns cannot be reused.

    Classic patient gown

    The classic hospital gown is most likely to have been worn before. The front panel of the gown provides full coverage while the back is cut down the middle so the gown can easily be put on and taken off. 

    Isolation IV gowns

    These gowns have been specially made for the shoulders to provide easy access to an IV line that may be left hanging open or lined with snaps so that the sleeves can be opened and closed as needed.

    Gowns used in the healthcare center

    There are various gowns in healthcare centers, such as

    • Barrier gown
    • Reusable Full Barrier Isolation Gown
    • Isolation Gown Level - 2 

    Barrier gown

    Barrier gowns are also known as surgical gowns made from a breathable, textile-like, spun lace material that is comfortable to wear. They are economical too. 

    Reusable Full Barrier Isolation Gown

    Isolation gowns are the best for personal protective equipment used in healthcare settings. It protects the hospital workers from spreading any infection or illness if they contact potentially infectious liquid and solid material. No virus is found at the end of the test; it is reused.

    Isolation Gown Level - 2 

    The level 2 isolation gown is used at a time of low risk 

    Think of our HY Supplies Inc. products when you think of healthcare gowns

    • Level II Isolation Gown for $99.92
    • Isolation Gown Level - 3 for $323.07 
    • BARRIER GOWN MADE OF 99% POLY/1% CARBO $422.40N 
    • FULL QUARPEL BARRIER gown price of $220.00

    Buy all these Isolation Gowns wholesale at a low-cost and durability time to buy.          


    An Ultimate Guide on Wholesale Surgical Linens for Healthcare Industries
    0 An Ultimate Guide on Wholesale Surgical Linens for Healthcare Industries

    In this era of the Medical Industry, Surgery has become a common practice for some complicated diseases/treatments. In ancient times, Egyptians and Arabs practiced elementary surgery. Even in 600 BC, the world’s first plastic surgery has taken place with a higher level of safety for both patients and surgeons. The key components that play a crucial role in Medical Industry for every surgery are Surgical Gowns, Masks, Hair Covering, Gloves, Fenestrated Solid Drapes, Wrappers, and Towels, etc. 

    Like Surgeons, during COVID – 19, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like Protective Clothing/Gowns, Gloves, Face Masks, Face Shields, and other equipment becomes necessary for the public, medical professionals in avoiding the spread of infection or illness. 

    Here is a guide to the items you should have in your surgical facility:

    • Surgical Gowns
    • Surgical Masks
    • Fenestrated Solid Drapes & Wrappers

    Wholesale Surgical Isolation Gowns: 

    In Hospitals or Healthcare Industry, Surgical Gowns become protective clothing for Medical Staffs’ during surgeries to get rid of blood fluids or other microorganisms. Usually, Medical Gowns are available in both reusable and disposable types and need to be breathable and resistant to liquids and solids. 



    During Surgeries, Isolation Gowns act as a barrier for the patients and surgeons and protect them from biological hazards. HY Supplies surgical gowns are proper for any level of risks (Levels 1-4) and cover all the necessary parts starting from chests to knees and the elbow.

    Characteristics of Surgical Gowns:

    • It should be durable and flexible for the wearer.
    • Resistant to all kinds of blood or other fluids.
    • Comfortable to wear and fit without any loose ends.
    • High tensile strength - will not tear or cut off.
    • Soft and flexible for extra comfort and ease while working 

    KN95 Respiratory Surgical Masks:

    In the healthcare industry, patients and medical professionals wear surgical masks to protect from infectious aerosols, blood, or body fluids. N95 Surgical Gowns are disposable, loose-fitting, and fluid resistant that prevents the environment from potential contaminations from the users. In surgery, Wholesale Surgical Masks reduce the risk of the surgeon depositing droplets into the surgical site. N95 Respiratory Face Masks give a better seal. It is highly effective in filtering large and small particles.  



    A Medical, Surgical N95 Respirator Face Masks is useful for people to get better protection from airborne and fluid particles. During COVID - 19, Face Masks plays a vital role in preventing contamination of infected people coughs and sneezes. HY Supplies Inc. offers a collection of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like 3Ply Disposable Face Mask, KN95 Respiratory Face Masks, 3 Ply Elastic Loop Face Masks, Fluid Proof Masks, and Fashionable Face Mask, etc. 

    Fenestrated Solid Drapes & Wrappers:

    Fenestrated Solid Surgical Drapes during surgery like deliveries or bypass surgery, etc. are to prevent contact with other areas of the patient’s body, environment, and equipment sterilization. Surgical Drapes are made of reusable or disposable poly/cotton fabric with barrier protection effectiveness, resistance to ignition, and durability. Surgical Draping will minimize the risk of infection in the surgical site. Usually, Surgical drapes are blue or green that helps to refresh the vision of bloody particles of patients while surgery. 



    Surgical Blue Wrappers are used to cover the surgical instruments and materials used for surgery. Poly/Cotton or Polypropylene for better durability, breathable and water-repellant. HY Supplies surgical drapes and wrappers help you to keep tools safe from contaminations.

    HY Supplies Inc. provides high-quality Medical apparel like Surgical Gowns, Protective Face Masks, Surgical Drapes, and Wrappers, etc. which meet industry standards for better hygienic.

    Role of Healthcare Apparels and other Healthcare Textiles in the transmission of Micro-organisms
    0 Role of Healthcare Apparels and other Healthcare Textiles in the transmission of Micro-organisms

    In Healthcare Industry, Healthcare workers (HCWs) wear Healthcare Apparels like uniforms, scrubs and lab coats, for the following causes:

    • To get identification as hospital personnel to their patients and employers.
    • To display professionalism.
    • To get barrier protection for clothes from unexpected exposures during the work hours. 

    In situations like COVID-19, a medical study suggests that Healthcare Apparels are prone to contamination with micro-organisms or pathogens that can cause infections or illnesses. While the scrubs and lab coats are majorly manufactured, with the same traditional textiles used to make street clothes, new evidence suggests having innovative textiles function. It should possess engineering control, acquisition minimization, retention, and reduction in transmission of infectious pathogens.

    To solve the problems related to healthcare infections, and infections acquired occupationally, an equation with many complex variables is required. One of the main components is healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, laboratory personnel, and technicians who are infrequent exposure to blood and body fluids. These fluids can transmit bacteria that cause colonization or infection. Risk of virus transmissions like noroviruses, respiratory viruses, and blood-borne viruses that can survive for hours or days on surfaces is also possible. 

    The way patient care is delivered is also another consideration. While personnel working in hospital operating rooms, and emergency units, anticipate splashes and splatters of blood and body fluids, they use personal protective equipment (PPE) accordingly.

    New Medical technologies pave the way for performing invasive procedures outside of the acute care environment. The following are the situations:

    • Difficulty in avoiding accidental exposures to blood and body fluids.
    • Acute access to Personal Protective Equipment. 
    • Minimal or no supervision for healthcare professionals. 
    • Less compliant with standard infection control precautions. 

    Thus healthcare professionals who work in non-traditional settings such as Healthcare clinics, ambulatory, and community settings are at the highest risk of occupational exposure to infectious micro-organisms. Proper Usage of Protective Gowns and Masks should be made mandatory in all healthcare industries to prevent them from getting infections.




    HY Supplies Inc.  is Here To Help You During COVID-19 Through Medical Textiles and Hospital Linens
    0 HY Supplies Inc. is Here To Help You During COVID-19 Through Medical Textiles and Hospital Linens

    Healthcare Textiles are the field that combines the textile industry with medical science. Medical apparel from HY Supplies Inc. is fabricated to fulfill the needs of Healthcare and surgical applications. Our Medical Textiles are produced with strength, flexibility, moisture, and air permeability factors.

    We continue to support effective and most importantly to help Hospitals, Nursing Home Care, Senior Care and Assisted Living, Medical Spa, Chiropractic Centers, and Medical Centers, etc. 

    During this COVID -19 pandemic situation, we are happy to let you know that HY Supplies Inc. is always open and works to support Healthcare Industries in supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).




    It’s a pleasure for us to be part of the fight against the COVID -19 pandemic by providing Hospital Linens and apparel at Wholesale Price to fulfill the demands of the needy industries. We are continuously working to supply Hospital Equipment to Healthcare Industries, where the Medical Professionals are working energetic and vigorously to end COVID -19 situation.

    During COVID -19 pandemic, Doctors are the frontline fighter who gets affected easily from patients, body fluids, specimens, etc… in and around hospitals. To safeguard them from infectious hazards, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is mandatory. We're here to help you!

    HY Supplies Inc. is the wholesale manufacturers and supplier of Medical Linens and Apparel in distinct quality, variety, sizes, etc… at an affordable price. Our Product line includes Barrier Gowns, Isolation Gowns, Patient Gowns, Surgical Gowns, Hospital Scrubs, Hyperbaric Linens, Doctors Uniforms, Patient Robes, Bed & Bath Linens, Cubicle Curtains, Terry Bibs, Reusable Underpads, Surgical Drapes, etc. Our Wholesale Healthcare Gowns helps healthcare professionals by preventing the transmission of microorganisms from patients.

    In the current scenario, Reusable Isolation Gowns are highly beneficial for Medical professionals in Healthcare Industries. We have tie-ups with the best suppliers all over the world to supply the best protective gowns in quick turns on orders during this emergency. Protective / Isolation Gowns made of 6oz polyester, are available in white or assorted colors, with many pastel shades. Our Wholesale Barrier Gowns are durable with a water-repellent finish and can withstand up to 30 + washes. Place your wholesale orders at affordable deals!! Let’s end this COVID -19 by Staying Safe and Healthy! 


    During Covid – 19 Pandemic Situations, Are your Healthcare Professionals are Protected?
    1 During Covid – 19 Pandemic Situations, Are your Healthcare Professionals are Protected?

    Healthcare Industries is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, employing millions of professionals to take care of infected and injured patients. The regularity of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Scars, Ebola, and Coronavirus has raised the concern of hospital workers over the possibility of acquiring such diseases. 

    Doctors are the frontline fighter who gets affected easily from patients, body fluids, specimens, etc… in and around hospitals. To safeguard them from infectious hazards, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gowns, respirators, face masks, gloves, eye protection, face shields, and head and shoe coverings play a major role. Even though it is highly protective, proper maintenance of clothing after use or disposal at the correct time will reduce the considerable risk for health. 

    HY Supplies Inc. is happy to serve you by understanding the proper use and requirements of Protective Healthcare Gowns to Hospital Doctors during this time of uncertainty. 

    With the recent importance of COVID -19 into the world, we have been interested in the proper supply of Personal Protective Equipment’s like Surgical Gowns, Isolation Gowns, Patient Gowns, Fenestrated Drapes, Bed Linens, etc… to the Healthcare Professionals. 

    In this article, we are going to discuss the kind of Protective / Isolation Gowns are required for Healthcare Professionals.

    Originally, Isolation Gowns are mainly used as a cover in handling isolation cases to protect Doctors from microorganisms. Old pattern Isolation Gowns are less protective due to the absorption of fluids and frequent washing of the materials leads to fabric deterioration. Its main functionality is to cover arms and exposed body areas during patient care activities from anticipating clothing, blood, bodily fluids, etc… Moreover, Isolation Gowns are made from 100% Cotton and 50/50 Cot. Poly. There are many types of Isolation Covers are available, which will be selected based on a variety of protection levels.

    Hospital Gowns are the most common form of barrier protection used by the Healthcare Industry. These Gowns are used for Surgical, Isolation, or Low-risk cases, available in many styles and designs.

    • Isolation Gown is used for minimal risk cases such as basic care, standard isolation, standard medical ward, or visitors covers gown.
    • Low-risk Isolation Gown for cases like blood draw, Intensive Care Unit, or Medical Labs.
    • Cases like Heavy Blood Draw, Emergency Room, or Trauma are moderate risks.
    • High-risk Isolation Gowns for a high level of infectious diseases like Covid-19, Surgery, fluid intense, etc.   

    In the marketplace, we can find a variety of fabrics and a wide range of fibers used for Protective Gowns. Isolation Gowns are generally classified as “Disposable/Single Use” or “Reusable/Multiuse”. The study suggests that the U.S mostly use “Disposable Gowns”, whereas Europe uses “Reusable Gowns” in larger quantity. “Disposable/Single Use” is designed with a combination of materials rather than woven or knitted materials (e.g. polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene). “Reusable/Multiuse” is made of 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or Poly Cot blends. These fabrics are tightly woven and pressed through rollers to enhance the high level of fluid barrier properties. It can be reused and washed more times. 

    HY Supplies provides Premium Quality, Reusable Isolation Gowns for the medical professional to take care of patients especially in these pandemic situations. Our Isolation Gowns are specially made for the current situation (Covid-19) to safeguard medical workers from infections. It is made of 100% continuous filament polyester yarns with Knit cuff which are barrier effective, comfortable, all size fit, odor-free, quality maintenance, etc.