Poly Stripe Banquet Table Cloth, (Price/Each)

$21.36/Ea. Crafted in USA, 33 Colors, Sizes (Rectangular) : 60"x90", 60"x108", 60"x120", 60"x144", 72"x108", 72"x120", 90"x132", 90"x156", 108"x132", 108"x156" *cloths with seams Seamless: Upto 120" BANQ. 100% Polyester, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location. Buy the case pack and save. Click the link.

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Delivery date: Ship Within 1-3 Days ( Excluding order date )

Product Descriptions:

100% Polyester and Available in 33 Colors.

Wrinkle Free, Lasts Longer, Easily Washable.

Used in Churches, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Banquet Hall.

Special Pricing for Large Quantities. Buy the Case and compare the pricing

  •   60"x120" (30 Pieces / Case) - Price $17.64/Each
  •   90"x132" (18ieces / Case) - Price $30.06/Each
  •   90"x156" (14ieces / Case) - Price $34.87/Each