Spun Poly Banquet Buy the Case(Price/Case)

$40.62/Ea.,37 Colors, Crafted in USA.Sizes (Rectangular) : 60"x120", 90"x132", 90"x156" *cloths with seams Seamless: Up to 120" BANQ. 100% Spun Polyester, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.Need less than case pack, Click the link

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Delivery date: Ship Within 1-3 Days ( Excluding order date )

100% Spun Polyester and Available in 37 Colors.

Wrinkle Free, Lasts Longer, Easily Washable.

Used in Churches, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Banquet Hall.


S.No Product Color Rectangular Size SKU
1 Army Green 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-ARG
2 Aubergine 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-AUG
3 Black 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-BK
4 Brick 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-BRK
5 Burgundy 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-BUR
6 Burnt Orange 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-BOR
7 Cafe 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-CF
8 Camel 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-CML
9 Charcoal 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-C
10 Chocolate 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-CH
11 Cornsilk 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-CSK
12 Deep Royal 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-DRY
13 Dusty Rose 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-DRO
14 Gold 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-GO
15 Grey 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-WW
16 Hunter 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-H
17 Ice Peach 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-IPE
18 Ivory 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-IV
19 Kelly 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-KY
20 Lemon 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-LM
21 Light Blue 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-LB
22 Light Pink 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-LP
23 Lilac 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-LIC
24 Navy 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-NV
25 Orange 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-OR
26 Peach 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-PE
27 Periwinkle 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-PWE
28 Purple 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-PRP
29 Red 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-R
30 Royal 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-RY
31 Sage 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-SG
32 Seamist 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-SMT
33 Slate 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-SLT
34 Tan 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-TN
35 Teal 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-TL
36 Toast 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-TST
37 White 60x90 SPUN-POLY 60x90-W
38 Army Green 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-ARG
39 Aubergine 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-AUG
40 Black 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-BK
41 Brick 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-BRK
42 Burgundy 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-BUR
43 Burnt Orange 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-BOR
44 Cafe 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-CF
45 Camel 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-CML
46 Charcoal 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-C
47 Chocolate 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-CH
48 Cornsilk 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-CSK
49 Deep Royal 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-DRY
50 Dusty Rose 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-DRO
51 Gold 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-GO
52 Grey 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-WW
53 Hunter 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-H
54 Ice Peach 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-IPE
55 Ivory 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-IV
56 Kelly 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-KY
57 Lemon 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-LM
58 Light Blue 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-LB
59 Light Pink 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-LP
60 Lilac 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-LIC
61 Navy 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-NV
62 Orange 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-OR
63 Peach 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-PE
64 Periwinkle 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-PWE
65 Purple 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-PRP
66 Red 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-R
67 Royal 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-RY
68 Sage 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-SG
69 Seamist 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-SMT
70 Slate 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-SLT
71 Tan 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-TN
72 Teal 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-TL
73 Toast 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-TST
74 White 60x108 SPUN-POLY 60x108-W
75 Army Green 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-ARG
76 Aubergine 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-AUG
77 Black 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-BK
78 Brick 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-BRK
79 Burgundy 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-BUR
80 Burnt Orange 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-BOR
81 Cafe 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-CF
82 Camel 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-CML
83 Charcoal 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-C
84 Chocolate 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-CH
85 Cornsilk 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-CSK
86 Deep Royal 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-DRY
87 Dusty Rose 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-DRO
88 Gold 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-GO
89 Grey 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-WW
90 Hunter 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-H
91 Ice Peach 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-IPE
92 Ivory 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-IV
93 Kelly 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-KY
94 Lemon 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-LM
95 Light Blue 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-LB
96 Light Pink 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-LP
97 Lilac 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-LIC
98 Navy 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-NV
99 Orange 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-OR
100 Peach 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-PE
101 Periwinkle 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-PWE
102 Purple 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-PRP
103 Red 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-R
104 Royal 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-RY
105 Sage 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-SG
106 Seamist 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-SMT
107 Slate 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-SLT
108 Tan 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-TN
109 Teal 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-TL
110 Toast 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-TST
111 White 60x120 SPUN-POLY 60x120-W
112 Army Green 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-ARG
113 Aubergine 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-AUG
114 Black 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-BK
115 Brick 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-BRK
116 Burgundy 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-BUR
117 Burnt Orange 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-BOR
118 Cafe 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-CF
119 Camel 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-CML
120 Charcoal 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-C
121 Chocolate 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-CH
122 Cornsilk 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-CSK
123 Deep Royal 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-DRY
124 Dusty Rose 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-DRO
125 Gold 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-GO
126 Grey 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-WW
127 Hunter 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-H
128 Ice Peach 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-IPE
129 Ivory 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-IV
130 Kelly 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-KY
131 Lemon 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-LM
132 Light Blue 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-LB
133 Light Pink 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-LP
134 Lilac 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-LIC
135 Navy 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-NV
136 Orange 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-OR
137 Peach 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-PE
138 Periwinkle 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-PWE
139 Purple 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-PRP
140 Red 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-R
141 Royal 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-RY
142 Sage 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-SG
143 Seamist 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-SMT
144 Slate 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-SLT
145 Tan 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-TN
146 Teal 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-TL
147 Toast 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-TST
148 White 60x144 SPUN-POLY 60x144-W
149 Army Green 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-ARG
150 Aubergine 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-AUG
151 Black 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-BK
152 Brick 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-BRK
153 Burgundy 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-BUR
154 Burnt Orange 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-BOR
155 Cafe 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-CF
156 Camel 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-CML
157 Charcoal 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-C
158 Chocolate 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-CH
159 Cornsilk 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-CSK
160 Deep Royal 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-DRY
161 Dusty Rose 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-DRO
162 Gold 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-GO
163 Grey 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-WW
164 Hunter 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-H
165 Ice Peach 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-IPE
166 Ivory 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-IV
167 Kelly 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-KY
168 Lemon 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-LM
169 Light Blue 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-LB
170 Light Pink 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-LP
171 Lilac 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-LIC
172 Navy 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-NV
173 Orange 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-OR
174 Peach 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-PE
175 Periwinkle 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-PWE
176 Purple 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-PRP
177 Red 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-R
178 Royal 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-RY
179 Sage 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-SG
180 Seamist 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-SMT
181 Slate 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-SLT
182 Tan 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-TN
183 Teal 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-TL
184 Toast 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-TST
185 White 72x108 SPUN-POLY 72x108-W
186 Army Green 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-ARG
187 Aubergine 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-AUG
188 Black 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-BK
189 Brick 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-BRK
190 Burgundy 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-BUR
191 Burnt Orange 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-BOR
192 Cafe 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-CF
193 Camel 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-CML
194 Charcoal 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-C
195 Chocolate 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-CH
196 Cornsilk 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-CSK
197 Deep Royal 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-DRY
198 Dusty Rose 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-DRO
199 Gold 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-GO
200 Grey 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-WW
201 Hunter 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-H
202 Ice Peach 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-IPE
203 Ivory 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-IV
204 Kelly 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-KY
205 Lemon 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-LM
206 Light Blue 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-LB
207 Light Pink 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-LP
208 Lilac 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-LIC
209 Navy 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-NV
210 Orange 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-OR
211 Peach 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-PE
212 Periwinkle 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-PWE
213 Purple 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-PRP
214 Red 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-R
215 Royal 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-RY
216 Sage 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-SG
217 Seamist 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-SMT
218 Slate 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-SLT
219 Tan 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-TN
220 Teal 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-TL
221 Toast 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-TST
222 White 72x120 SPUN-POLY 72x120-W
223 Army Green 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-ARG
224 Aubergine 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-AUG
225 Black 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-BK
226 Brick 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-BRK
227 Burgundy 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-BUR
228 Burnt Orange 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-BOR
229 Cafe 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-CF
230 Camel 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-CML
231 Charcoal 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-C
232 Chocolate 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-CH
233 Cornsilk 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-CSK
234 Deep Royal 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-DRY
235 Dusty Rose 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-DRO
236 Gold 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-GO
237 Grey 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-WW
238 Hunter 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-H
239 Ice Peach 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-IPE
240 Ivory 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-IV
241 Kelly 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-KY
242 Lemon 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-LM
243 Light Blue 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-LB
244 Light Pink 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-LP
245 Lilac 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-LIC
246 Navy 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-NV
247 Orange 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-OR
248 Peach 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-PE
249 Periwinkle 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-PWE
250 Purple 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-PRP
251 Red 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-R
252 Royal 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-RY
253 Sage 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-SG
254 Seamist 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-SMT
255 Slate 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-SLT
256 Tan 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-TN
257 Teal 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-TL
258 Toast 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-TST
259 White 90x132 SPUN-POLY 90x132-W
260 Army Green 90x156 SPUN-POLY 90x156-ARG
261 Aubergine 90x156 SPUN-POLY 90x156-AUG
262 Black 90x156 SPUN-POLY 90x156-BK
263 Brick 90x156 SPUN-POLY 90x156-BRK
264 Burgundy 90x156 SPUN-POLY 90x156-BUR
265 Burnt Orange 90x156 SPUN-POLY 90x156-BOR&l