Poly Check Round Table Cloth(Price/Each)

$13.99/Ea. Crafted in USA, 7 Colors, Sizes (Round): 60"R, 72"R, 84"R*, 90"R*, 96"R*, 102"R*, *108"R*, 114"R*, 120"R*, 126"R*, 132"R*. *cloths with seams.Seamless: Up to 72"R. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location. Buy the case pack and save. Click the link.
Delivery date: Ship Within 1-3 Days ( Excluding order date )

100% Polyester and Available in 7 colors.

No Wrinkle, Durability Plus and Washing Machine Friendly.

Used in Churches, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Banquet Hall.

Special Pricing for Large Quantities. Buy the Case and compare the pricing

  • 90"R (40 Pieces / Case) - Price $16.17/Each
  • 120"R (23 Pieces / Case) - Price $29.41/Each

S.No Product Color Size SKU
1 Black/White Poly 60R P.CHECK 60R-BL/W
2 Burgundy/White Poly 60R P.CHECK 60R-BUR/W
3 Lemon/White Poly 60R P.CHECK 60R-LE/W
4 Moss/White Poly 60R P.CHECK 60R-MOS/W
5 Red/White Poly 60R P.CHECK 60R-R/W
6 Royal/White Poly 60R P.CHECK 60R-RY/W
7 Teal/White Poly 60R P.CHECK 60R-T/W
8 Black/White Poly 72R P.CHECK 72R-BL/W
9 Burgundy/White Poly 72R P.CHECK 72R-BUR/W
10 Lemon/White Poly 72R P.CHECK 72R-LE/W
11 Moss/White Poly 72R P.CHECK 72R-MOS/W
12 Red/White Poly 72R P.CHECK 72R-R/W
13 Royal/White Poly 72R P.CHECK 72R-RY/W
14 Teal/White Poly 72R P.CHECK 72R-T/W
15 Black/White Poly 90R P.CHECK 90R-BL/W
16 Burgundy/White Poly 90R P.CHECK 90R-BUR/W
17 Lemon/White Poly 90R P.CHECK 90R-LE/W
18 Moss/White Poly 90R P.CHECK 90R-MOS/W
19 Red/White Poly 90R P.CHECK 90R-R/W
20 Royal/White Poly 90R P.CHECK 90R-RY/W
21 Teal/White Poly 90R P.CHECK 90R-T/W
22 Black/White Poly 84R P.CHECK 84R-BL/W
23 Burgundy/White Poly 84R P.CHECK 84R-BUR/W
24 Lemon/White Poly 84R P.CHECK 84R-LE/W
25 Moss/White Poly 84R P.CHECK 84R-MOS/W
26 Red/White Poly 84R P.CHECK 84R-R/W
27 Royal/White Poly 84R P.CHECK 84R-RY/W
28 Teal/White Poly 84R P.CHECK 84R-T/W
29 Black/White Poly 96R P.CHECK 96R-BL/W
30 Burgundy/White Poly 96R P.CHECK 96R-BUR/W
31 Lemon/White Poly 96R P.CHECK 96R-LE/W
32 Moss/White Poly 96R P.CHECK 96R-MOS/W
33 Red/White Poly 96R P.CHECK 96R-R/W
34 Royal/White Poly 96R P.CHECK 96R-RY/W
35 Teal/White Poly 96R P.CHECK 96R-T/W
36 Black/White Poly 102R P.CHECK 102R-BL/W
37 Burgundy/White Poly 102R P.CHECK 102R-BUR/W
38 Lemon/White Poly 102R P.CHECK 102R-LE/W
39 Moss/White Poly 102R P.CHECK 102R-MOS/W
40 Red/White Poly 102R P.CHECK 102R-R/W
41 Royal/White Poly 102R P.CHECK 102R-RY/W
42 Teal/White Poly 102R P.CHECK 102R-T/W
43 Black/White Poly 108R P.CHECK 108R-BL/W
44 Burgundy/White Poly 108R P.CHECK 108R-BUR/W
45 Lemon/White Poly 108R P.CHECK 108R-LE/W
46 Moss/White Poly 108R P.CHECK 108R-MOS/W
47 Red/White Poly 108R P.CHECK 108R-R/W
48 Royal/White Poly 108R P.CHECK 108R-RY/W
49 Teal/White Poly 108R P.CHECK 108R-T/W
50 Black/White Poly 114R P.CHECK 114R-BL/W
51 Burgundy/White Poly 114R P.CHECK 114R-BUR/W
52 Lemon/White Poly 114R P.CHECK 114R-LE/W
53 Moss/White Poly 114R P.CHECK 114R-MOS/W
54 Red/White Poly 114R P.CHECK 114R-R/W
55 Royal/White Poly 114R P.CHECK 114R-RY/W
56 Teal/White Poly 114R P.CHECK 114R-T/W
57 Black/White Poly 120R P.CHECK 120R-BL/W
58 Burgundy/White Poly 120R P.CHECK 120R-BUR/W
59 Lemon/White Poly 120R P.CHECK 120R-LE/W
60 Moss/White Poly 120R P.CHECK 120R-MOS/W
61 Red/White Poly 120R P.CHECK 120R-R/W
62 Royal/White Poly 120R P.CHECK 120R-RY/W
63 Teal/White Poly 120R P.CHECK 120R-T/W
64 Black/White Poly 126R P.CHECK 126R-BL/W
65 Burgundy/White Poly 126R P.CHECK 126R-BUR/W
66 Lemon/White Poly 126R P.CHECK 126R-LE/W
67 Moss/White Poly 126R P.CHECK 126R-MOS/W
68 Red/White Poly 126R P.CHECK 126R-R/W
69 Royal/White Poly 126R P.CHECK 126R-RY/W
70 Teal/White Poly 126R P.CHECK 126R-T/W
71 Black/White Poly 132R P.CHECK 132R-BL/W
72 Burgundy/White Poly 132R P.CHECK 132R-BUR/W
73 Lemon/White Poly 132R P.CHECK 132R-LE/W
74 Moss/White Poly 132R P.CHECK 132R-MOS/W
75 Red/White Poly 132R P.CHECK 132R-R/W
76 Royal/White Poly 132R P.CHECK 132R-RY/W
77 Teal/White Poly 132R P.CHECK 132R-T/W