Poly Stripe Square Table Cloth(Price/Each)

$8.75/Ea. Crafted in USA, 33 Colors, Sizes (Square):45"SQ, 54"SQ, 60"SQ, 72"SQ, 84"SQ, 90"SQ, 108"SQ, 120"SQ*, 132"SQ* *cloths with seams. Seamless: Up to 120" SQ. 100% Polyester, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location. Buy the case pack and save. Click the link.

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Delivery date: Ship Within 1-3 Days ( Excluding order date )

100% Polyester and Available in 33 Colors

No Wrinkle, Durability Plus and Washing Machine Friendly.

Used in Churches, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Banquet Hall.

Special Pricing for Large Quantities. Buy the Case and compare the pricing

  • 54" x 54" (60 Pieces / Case) - Price $8.23/Each
  • 90" x 90" (27 Pieces / Case) - Price $20.04/Each


S.No Product Color Size SKU
1 Acid Green 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-ACG
2 Army Green 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-ARG
3 Aubergine 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-AUG
4 Black 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-BK
5 Brick 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-BRK
6 Burgundy 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-BUR
7 Cafe 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-CF
8 Caribbean 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-CDW
9 Cobalt 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-COB
10 Dusty Rose 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-DRO
11 Emerald 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-EMD
12 Espresso 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-ERS
13 Forest 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-FRT
14 Gold 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-GO
15 Goldenrod 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-GOR
16 Grey 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-WW
17 Hunter 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-H
18 Ivory 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-IV
19 Lagoon 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-LG
20 Light Pink 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-LP
21 Navy 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-NV
22 Peach 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-PE
23 Periwinkle 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-PWE
24 Purple 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-PRP
25 Raspberry 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-RBY
26 Red 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-R
27 Royal 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-RY
28 Sage 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-SG
29 Teal 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-TL
30 Toast 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-TST
31 Watermelon 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-WM
32 Wedgewood 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-GRY
33 White 45SQ P.STRIPE 45SQ-W
34 Acid Green 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-ACG
35 Army Green 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-ARG
36 Aubergine 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-AUG
37 Black 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-BK
38 Brick 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-BRK
39 Burgundy 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-BUR
40 Cafe 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-CF
41 Caribbean 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-CDW
42 Cobalt 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-COB
43 Dusty Rose 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-DRO
44 Emerald 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-EMD
45 Espresso 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-ERS
46 Forest 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-FRT
47 Gold 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-GO
48 Goldenrod 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-GOR
49 Grey 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-WW
50 Hunter 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-H
51 Ivory 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-IV
52 Lagoon 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-LG
53 Light Pink 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-LP
54 Navy 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-NV
55 Peach 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-PE
56 Periwinkle 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-PWE
57 Purple 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-PRP
58 Raspberry 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-RBY
59 Red 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-R
60 Royal 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-RY
61 Sage 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-SG
62 Teal 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-TL
63 Toast 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-TST
64 Watermelon 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-WM
65 Wedgewood 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-GRY
66 White 54SQ P.STRIPE 54SQ-W
67 Acid Green 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-ACG
68 Army Green 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-ARG
69 Aubergine 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-AUG
70 Black 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-BK
71 Brick 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-BRK
72 Burgundy 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-BUR
73 Cafe 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-CF
74 Caribbean 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-CDW
75 Cobalt 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-COB
76 Dusty Rose 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-DRO
77 Emerald 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-EMD
78 Espresso 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-ERS
79 Forest 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-FRT
80 Gold 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-GO
81 Goldenrod 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-GOR
82 Grey 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-WW
83 Hunter 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-H
84 Ivory 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-IV
85 Lagoon 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-LG
86 Light Pink 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-LP
87 Navy 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-NV
88 Peach 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-PE
89 Periwinkle 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-PWE
90 Purple 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-PRP
91 Raspberry 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-RBY
92 Red 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-R
93 Royal 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-RY
94 Sage 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-SG
95 Teal 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-TL
96 Toast 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-TST
97 Watermelon 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-WM
98 Wedgewood 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-GRY
99 White 60SQ P.STRIPE 60SQ-W
100 Acid Green 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-ACG
101 Army Green 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-ARG
102 Aubergine 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-AUG
103 Black 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-BK
104 Brick 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-BRK
105 Burgundy 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-BUR
106 Cafe 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-CF
107 Caribbean 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-CDW
108 Cobalt 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-COB
109 Dusty Rose 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-DRO
110 Emerald 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-EMD
111 Espresso 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-ERS
112 Forest 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-FRT
113 Gold 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-GO
114 Goldenrod 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-GOR
115 Grey 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-WW
116 Hunter 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-H
117 Ivory 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-IV
118 Lagoon 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-LG
119 Light Pink 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-LP
120 Navy 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-NV
121 Peach 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-PE
122 Periwinkle 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-PWE
123 Purple 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-PRP
124 Raspberry 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-RBY
125 Red 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-R
126 Royal 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-RY
127 Sage 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-SG
128 Teal 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-TL
129 Toast 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-TST
130 Watermelon 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-WM
131 Wedgewood 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-GRY
132 White 72SQ P.STRIPE 72SQ-W
133 Acid Green 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-ACG
134 Army Green 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-ARG
135 Aubergine 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-AUG
136 Black 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-BK
137 Brick 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-BRK
138 Burgundy 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-BUR
139 Cafe 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-CF
140 Caribbean 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-CDW
141 Cobalt 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-COB
142 Dusty Rose 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-DRO
143 Emerald 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-EMD
144 Espresso 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-ERS
145 Forest 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-FRT
146 Gold 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-GO
147 Goldenrod 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-GOR
148 Grey 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-WW
149 Hunter 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-H
150 Ivory 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-IV
151 Lagoon 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-LG
152 Light Pink 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-LP
153 Navy 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-NV
154 Peach 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-PE
155 Periwinkle 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-PWE
156 Purple 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-PRP
157 Raspberry 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-RBY
158 Red 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-R
159 Royal 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-RY
160 Sage 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-SG
161 Teal 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-TL
162 Toast 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-TST
163 Watermelon 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-WM
164 Wedgewood 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-GRY
165 White 84SQ P.STRIPE 84SQ-W
166 Acid Green 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-ACG
167 Army Green 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-ARG
168 Aubergine 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-AUG
169 Black 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-BK
170 Brick 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-BRK
171 Burgundy 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-BUR
172 Cafe 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-CF
173 Caribbean 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-CDW
174 Cobalt 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-COB
175 Dusty Rose 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-DRO
176 Emerald 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-EMD
177 Espresso 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-ERS
178 Forest 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-FRT
179 Gold 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-GO
180 Goldenrod 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-GOR
181 Grey 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-WW
182 Hunter 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-H
183 Ivory 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-IV
184 Lagoon 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-LG
185 Light Pink 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-LP
186 Navy 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-NV
187 Peach 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-PE
188 Periwinkle 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-PWE
189 Purple 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-PRP
190 Raspberry 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-RBY
191 Red 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-R
192 Royal 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-RY
193 Sage 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-SG
194 Teal 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-TL
195 Toast 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-TST
196 Watermelon 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-WM
197 Wedgewood 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-GRY
198 White 90SQ P.STRIPE 90SQ-W
199 Acid Green 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-ACG
200 Army Green 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-ARG
201 Aubergine 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-AUG
202 Black 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-BK
203 Brick 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-BRK
204 Burgundy 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-BUR
205 Cafe 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-CF
206 Caribbean 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-CDW
207 Cobalt 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-COB
208 Dusty Rose 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-DRO
209 Emerald 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-EMD
210 Espresso 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-ERS
211 Forest 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-FRT
212 Gold 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-GO
213 Goldenrod 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-GOR
214 Grey 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-WW
215 Hunter 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-H
216 Ivory 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-IV
217 Lagoon 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-LG
218 Light Pink 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-LP
219 Navy 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-NV
220 Peach 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-PE
221 Periwinkle 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-PWE
222 Purple 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-PRP
223 Raspberry 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-RBY
224 Red 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-R
225 Royal 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-RY
226 Sage 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-SG
227 Teal 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-TL
228 Toast 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-TST
229 Watermelon 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-WM
230 Wedgewood 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-GRY
231 White 108SQ P.STRIPE 108SQ-W
232 Acid Green 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-ACG
233 Army Green 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-ARG
234 Aubergine 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-AUG
235 Black 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-BK
236 Brick 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-BRK
237 Burgundy 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-BUR
238 Cafe 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-CF
239 Caribbean 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-CDW
240 Cobalt 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-COB
241 Dusty Rose 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-DRO
242 Emerald 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-EMD
243 Espresso 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-ERS
244 Forest 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-FRT
245 Gold 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-GO
246 Goldenrod 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-GOR
247 Grey 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-WW
248 Hunter 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-H
249 Ivory 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-IV
250 Lagoon 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-LG
251 Light Pink 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-LP
252 Navy 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-NV
253 Peach 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-PE
254 Periwinkle 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-PWE
255 Purple 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-PRP
256 Raspberry 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-RBY
257 Red 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-R
258 Royal 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-RY
259 Sage 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-SG
260 Teal 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-TL
261 Toast 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-TST
262 Watermelon 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-WM
263 Wedgewood 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-GRY
264 White 120SQ P.STRIPE 120SQ-W
265 Acid Green 132SQ P.STRIPE 132SQ-ACG
266 Army Green 132SQ P.STRIPE 132SQ-ARG
267 Aubergine 132SQ P.STRIPE 132SQ-AUG
268 Black 132SQ P.STRIPE 132SQ-BK
269 Brick 132SQ P.STRIPE 132SQ-BRK
270 Burgundy 132SQ P.STRIPE 132SQ-BUR
271 Cafe