3-Ply Disposable Surgical Masks (Sold in 2000 Pcs/Case Pack)

$0.5973/Ea.Level-1, 3 Layer Composition Non-woven outer layer, Melt-blown filter layer and Anti-bacterial inner layer. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location. Please note: The mask is disposable, so return and refund are not supported.
Delivery date: Ship Within 2 weeks ( Excluding order date )

Product Descriptions:

  • The non-woven outer layer,
  • Melt-blown filter layer and
  • Anti-bacterial inner layer
  • 50 Pieces/Box & 40 Boxes/ Case ->2000 Pieces / Case Pack


  • BFE 95% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)
  • FDA CE EN149
  • FFP2



1. This product is a single-use product, please destroy it after use.
2. Do not use it if the packaging is broken.
3. The Face mask should not be worn for too long, and any skin reaction should be removed immediately.
4. Before wearing, please confirm the front and back of the mask. The dark color is the raw side, the white is the reverse side.
5. Please keep the product out of the reach of children.


1. Wash your hands before wearing, and gently hold the upper and lower sides to open the face mask ear cord around your ear
2. With the cartilage strips on the nose facing upwards, hold the face mask against your face and hook the ear.
3. Gently press the cartilage of the nose to fit the shape of the nose and fit snugly.
4. Open the folds downwards until it completely covers the chin, leaving no gaps in the cheeks and chins.