T-130 Econolin Sheets - 66" x 104" 3.1 oz Imported (Price/ 5 Dozen)

$3.41/Ea. White, 30's Ring Spun Yarn, 55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester,3.1 oz/ sq yd Broadcloth Weave, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.
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Product Descriptions:

T130 Econolin Sheets and pillow cases are made of the finest quality 30s ring spun yarns, consisting of the most durable blend of 55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester.3.1 oz/ sq yd Broadcloth Weave.

  • T-130 Thread Count.
  • Fabric Weight:3.1 oz/ sq yd Broadcloth Weave.
  • 6-7" Pocket Size for Fitted Sheets.
  • Ideal use as hospital bed sheets and healthcare bed sheets.
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