Lab Jackets

Shop for a High-Quality Lab Jackets at HY Supplies Inc. in various sizes and colors. Medical Jackets are made from Poly/cotton Blend Fabric contains 3-pocket, zip front, back belt, and vents. It is specially designed to provide a comfortable fit and style. Healthcare Lab Jacket construction is purposefully designed to flatter all body types.
#2051 - Consultation-Dental-Jacket-Non-Barrier (Price/Dozen)
Consultation-Dental-Jacket-Non-Barrier (Price/Dozen)
$1.91/Ea. to $3.15/Ea.20 Colors,Poly/cotton Blend Fabric, 3-pocket, zip front, back belt and vents. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.
Delivery date: Ship Within 6 - 8 weeks ( Excluding order date )