Kitchen Pant (Price/Ea.)

$13.27/Ea.,2 Colors, 65/35 poly cotton twill - 7.5 oz., solids; 7oz, Yarn-Dyed patterns, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.
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When it feels less like a kitchen and more like a war zone our Kitchen Pant is your best ally. It’s not only an incredible value, it’s so durable it can charge into battle time and time again and still look great. And our conventional straight leg design means no more baggy, saggy pants. 

Even Waist Sizes: 28-34, Inseam: 33. Even Waist Sizes: 36-60, Inseam: 34.


  • 65/35 poly cotton twill - 7.5 oz., solids; 7oz, Yarn-Dyed patterns
  • Straight leg
  • Brass zipper
  • Two side seam pockets
  • Two back pockets
  • Snap waist with belt loops
  • Even waist sizes 28"-34", inseam 33"
  • Even waist sizes 36"-60", inseam 34"


S.NoColorSizeSKUUPC Code
1Black28" Waist4013-0128844513015102
2Black30" Waist4013-0130844513015119
3Black32" Waist4013-0132844513015126
4Black34" Waist4013-0134844513015133
5Black36" Waist4013-0136844513015140
6Black38" Waist4013-0138844513015157
7Black40" Waist4013-0140844513015164
8Black42" Waist4013-0142844513015171
9Black44" Waist4013-0144844513015188
10Black46" Waist4013-0146844513015195
11Black48" Waist4013-0148844513015201
12Black50" Waist4013-0150844513015218
13Black52" Waist4013-0152844513015225
14Black54" Waist4013-0154844513015232
15Black56" Waist4013-0156844513015249
16Black58" Waist4013-0158844513015256
17Black60" Waist4013-0160844513015263
18Houndstooth28" Waist4013-4028844513015270
19Houndstooth30" Waist4013-4030844513015287
20Houndstooth32" Waist4013-4032844513015294
21Houndstooth34" Waist4013-4034844513015300
22Houndstooth36" Waist4013-4036844513015317
23Houndstooth38" Waist4013-4038844513015324
24Houndstooth40" Waist4013-4040844513015331
25Houndstooth42" Waist4013-4042844513015348
26Houndstooth44" Waist4013-4044844513015355
27Houndstooth46" Waist4013-4046844513015362
28Houndstooth48" Waist4013-4048844513015379
29Houndstooth50" Waist4013-4050844513015386
30Houndstooth52" Waist4013-4052844513015393
31Houndstooth54" Waist4013-4054844513015409
32Houndstooth56" Waist4013-4056844513015416
33Houndstooth58" Waist4013-4058844513015423
34Houndstooth60" Waist4013-4060844513015430