Full Barrier Isolation Gown (Sold in 5 Dz/Case Pack)

$13.16/Ea.Yellow, 99%Polyester 1% Carbon, Tie at neck and mid-back, Thread Count-75DX75D/152X94, Fabric Weight:85gsm for Level 1, 105gsm for Level 2 with coating, AAMI Level 1, AAMI Level 2, 70 to 80 Washes, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.
SKU: 107960
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Product Descriptions:

Fabric: 99%Polyester 1% Carbon, 1.2 cm Distance.

Level 1: 85 gsm before coating

Level 2:105 gsm after coating

Non-PFAS (Per- and Poly-Fluorinated Chemicals) Waterproof Treatment

Thread Count : 75Dx75D/152x94

AAMI Level 1 : IP ≦ 4.5g, No HP requirement

AAMI Level 2 : IP ≦ 1g,  HP ≧ 200mmH2O

Collar Style: Tie at neck and mid back

Shell Fabric : 100% Polyester, 7.25" from top to seep bottom.

Cuff / Stockinette : White, Size: 4", 0.59" Bias Tie - Mid Back.

Thread Type: White, 100% Polyester, SEAMS/BAR TACKS. 



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