Face Shields (Sold in 100 Pcs/Case Pack)

3.99/Ea.Transparent PET disposable mask anti-fog, anti-splash, face protection, heat resistance, lightweight, good elasticity. Protect full face from droplets, saliva, splash, etc.Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location
Delivery date: Ship Within 2 weeks ( Excluding order date )


FDA Testing Report: Z87.1

Product Descriptions:

1. Double-sided anti-fog high-transmitting PET film, anti-scratch, strong acid, and alkali resistance.

2. Reasonable structure, suitable for workers of various head types, can directly cover myopia glasses, convenient for work.

3. It can effectively avoid the infection of medical personnel caused by body fluids.

4. Lightweight, ergonomic design, built-in soft cushions to reduce the pressure on the forehead of the hat body, comfortable to wear, no sense of pressure.

5. Anti-fog performance is good, PET protective film is faster than ordinary film diffuse fog, and also added a unique diffuse fog mouth design, to give you a clear vision at any time. 


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