Eco-Friendly P - FREE - 6 GAUGE FROSTY VINYL (Price/12 Pcs/Pk)

$6.89/Ea. Frosty, Size 6' X 6',Chrome With Iron No Heavy Metal Which Are Eco Friendly To The Environment. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.
SKU: PF7272
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Product Description:

 P - Free - 6 Gauge Frosty Vinyl

This Vinyl Shower curtain Meets Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act 2008 (Cpsia) Also California's Proposition 65

Finished sizes:

Id#Pf7272 - P-Free 6'x6' (70"W X 72"L) 
Id#Pf7278 - P-Free 72" W X 78"L (70"W X 78"L) 

These Have Metal Grommets Which Contain Special Chrome With Iron No Heavy Metal Which Is Eco Friendly To The Environment

Complete Specifications are Available upon Request!

  • Chosen liner for the Marriott Brand
  • Chosen liner for AC Hotels






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