Diabetic Care Starter Kit

HealthDri™ Socks, Basis™ Sensitive Skin Bar Soap,iabetiCare™ Foot Cream, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

Diabetic Care Starter Kit - (UPC Code: 702459009114)

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Product Descriptions:

Diabetic Care Starter Kit

Diabetics are well aware of the importance of proper foot care to their overall health and well-being. Salk’s specially designed Diabetic Care Starter Kit has everything needed to begin and maintain proper diabetic foot care. Our diabetic care starter kit combines the forces of three basic diabetic foot care essentials to heal, soothe and comfort the feet.

  • HealthDri™ Socks provide superior protection and comfort, with Cooling Channels™ technology to promote airflow and keep feet cool and dry
  • Basis™ Sensitive Skin Bar Soap, with calming chamomile and aloe vera, soothes and comforts the skin
  • DiabetiCare™ Foot Cream with Borage oil relieves dry cracked skin and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells