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    Vast range of Table Napkins for High–Class Restaurants / Banquet Hall / Wedding Parties
    0 Vast range of Table Napkins for High–Class Restaurants / Banquet Hall / Wedding Parties

    As soon as enter into the five-star restaurant or any restaurant, the customer will start to devise about the quality, menu, lightings, table settings, decorations, linens (Tablecloth & Napkins) all plays a role whether to return the restaurant again or not.

    Normally cloth napkins are used for formal dining occasions and Paper napkins are used for less formal meals. Presenting proper cloth napkins is also a part of table manners. It is not only just swab at the mouth while eating soups or other foods. 

    The study suggests that 64% of the US customers preferred cloth napkins than the paper napkins, 77% notice the way a table is set while visiting the restaurants, 82% better appearance and atmosphere, 75% with better food quality, 88% prefer customer service and 84% with environmentally friendly.

    Whereas, there are a wide variety of cloth napkins in distinct sizes, for ex. larger size napkins like 22” to 24” are used when more food is served, Lunch napkins were 16” to 18” square/rectangle, Cocktail napkins with 10″ to 12″ square. The fabric weight varies based on the type, like Polyester, Poly Cot., 100% Cotton. Standard weight from 180, 200, 225, 250 GSM etc.



    100% Spun Poly Bistro Napkins

     100% Poly Fandango Herringbone Weave Color Napkins


     100% Cot. Momie Weave Napkins 


    59/41 Cot. Poly Saxony Color Napkins


    100% Spun 2 Ply MJS Poly Color Napkins


     50 / 50 Poly Cotton Miranda Color Napkins"


    50/50 Poly Cotton Twill Color Napkins


    100% 2 Ply Ringspun Cotton Satin Band Damask Napkins


    100% Spun Poly Color Napkins


    100% Cotton Bird's Eye Weave Napkins


    100% Poly Faux Burlap Havana Color Napkins


    100% 2 Ply Ringspun Cotton Black Satin Band Damask Napkins


    Cloth napkins are soft and smooth to touch, easy-care, absorb moisture and are available in different qualities, colors, and styles. Some of the qualities like 100% spun poly stripe, Poly Cotton, 100% Cotton, and 100% 2 ply Ringspun Cotton. Spun Polyester is tested to last over 300 washes. Heavy cotton blend type texture spun fabric does not fade and has higher absorbency eliminating negative aspects of 100% Poly Napkins.

    Matching napkins with tablecloths is an added experience for mealtime. Choose napkins with high thread count, white/color, polyester or cotton, cotton mix damask napkins which gives the added elegant and luxurious look to the restaurants.

    Some of the Table Manners with Cloth Napkins,

    • Smooth motion is necessary without crack or shaking while unfolding the napkins.
    • The larger size napkins are unfolded in a half.
    • Smaller napkins are unfolded fully and cover the lap completely.
    • Don’t insert napkins into the collar or between the buttons of the shirts.
    • Use the napkins to stay on the lap until the meal is finished.
    • A gentle wipe is necessary.
    • Place the napkins on the chair or left of your plate, while leaving the table.


    HY Supplies Inc. has a wide array of Wholesale Table Napkins (Cloth) - Crafted in USA and Premium Imports for your Restaurants.

    Enrich Your Hospitality  with Table Linens
    0 Enrich Your Hospitality with Table Linens

    Table Linens can make a simple event into an extraordinary one in just a few seconds whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, award functions, or company luncheon.

    There are many choices of tablecloths like Plastic, Paper, or Linen. The plastic or Paper tablecloth is the least expensive but it creates more trash and bad for the eco-friendly environment. Normally, Table linens that are made of cotton and spun polyester will last as high as 300 washes and easy to wipe will give a luxurious feel and appearance.

    Are you renting the table linen? Think twice before you do it again, because

     Two or three times renting table linen = One time buying the table linen.

    If you do not have the facilities to wash the table line yourself and would like to send it to industrial laundries to wash and clean, you still can buy and own the linen ask the laundries to just wash for you. This is called COG and we will talk later more in detail.

    Mostly, Table linen is meant to cover the table from stained or starched and also added the advantage of decorating the table with our wide choice of fabric types and colors, gives vibrant look to the restaurant, hotels, motels, etc...


    Round Table Cloths


    Choose for your Round tablecloth with fabric choices like Basic Polyester (74 colors), Spun Polyester (37 colors), Poly-Stripe (33 colors), Poly Check (7 colors), and Damask Melrose(6 colors). The sizes available are 60"R, 72"R, 84"R, 90"R, 96"R, 102"R, 108"R, 114"R, 120"R, 126"R, 132"R. (Seamless up to 132 Inch dia in Basic Polyester).



    Square Tablecloths


    Try to use our variety of 100% polyester Square tablecloth in different colors especially poly stripe tablecloth which gives fabulous look to your guest.

    If you aiming to impress your guest with Fitted Tablecloths in the right combination of color and texture made from the USA during their special occasion and events. Here you have various choices of spun ploy tablecloth that will not require ironing after each use and won’t fade even after repeated washes.


    Selecting the color is also plays a vital role. i.e White is the popular color for formal dinner next comes ivory and half white. You may also use different colors(like Army green, burgundy, burnt orange, etc..) based on the decoration made on the table like napkins, flower vases, candles, and so on will highlight the look of the restaurant.

    Here you can see the endless collection of tablecloths Crafted from the USA and premium imports to satisfy your customer.