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    Wash your Car with Towels and make it shine!!
    1 Wash your Car with Towels and make it shine!!


    In this modern era, the automobile has become part of our life, especially the car. We have at least one car in every home now. To wash your car, you need to have high-quality towels that help you keep your car clean and shiny. 

    The car towels are made up of extra microfiber material and have silk banded edges to remove swirls and scratches in the car; the size of the car towel will be 26 to 35 inches which are used to clean big cars Suv500 and so on. This type of towel features adding fibers in a spiral pattern to get an extra absorbency. These towels are very soft, and I think there is another towel used in a car wash that is detailing towels, the primary usage of this towel is to wipe off the dirt, debris, dust, and other particles from the car's surface. It also helps in removing the wax in the car.

      Towels are available in our HY Supplies Inc. that are listed as follows.    

    •   Microfiber Towels 
    •   Detailing Towels
    •   Cotton Terry Towels
    •   Cleaning Cloths               

     Car Towels

     Car towels are made up of cotton and microfiber; it is the blend of synthetics, specially made for cars from polyester and polyamide.

    Microfiber Towels

    A microfiber Towel is considered invaluable when it comes to car wash since it is highly absorbent. It has thousands of tiny fibers stuck up and removes the liquid from a vehicle's surface. 

    Microfiber can absorb eight times its weight in water. It is the main reason to consider microfiber towels as the best towels for the car wash.

    Detailing Towels

    Detailing Towels are made up of cotton, which is used to wipe off the dust particles from the car's surface. It also helps to wax it. The best car detailing is the 70/30 blend. However, an 80/20 blend can also work. The Waffle weaves are super absorbent and are best suited for a car wash.

    Terry Towels

    Terry towel is made of fabric woven with so many protruding loops of thread used to absorb a large about of water, this type of towel is used to clean cars during the rainy season.

    Cleaning cloths

    It is the type of cloth used to clean specific objects such as cotton fabric, spongy woven texture; it is aided by two-needle bars, which makes the cloth easy to handle. These are lint-free cleaning cloths used extensively for cleaning and polishing.

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    Guide to choosing the right towel for your detailing center
    0 Guide to choosing the right towel for your detailing center

    Selecting the right towel can be a process of trial and error and deciding which towels to use can be tough. Since the value of towels is comparatively low compared to other detailing equipment, it’s important to settle on the simplest towel choice to aid within the final product.

    By selecting the proper car wash towel can save time and money while aiding the overall satisfaction of the client. Various types of towels including terry, microfiber, and huck are available, Even among these options, choices are present, including a wide variety of sizes, colors, thickness, and most importantly, quality.

    Microfiber towels

    Microfiber towels are the most popular towel in the detailing industry. They are extremely versatile and may be utilized in all areas of the detailing process. They have the ideal features in a towel: lint-free, absorbent, and durable. Smaller microfibers are used primarily for cleaning windows, mirrors, and interiors. Their lightweight, property makes it easier to succeed in tight spaces or corners. Whereas large microfibers are usually used on a car’s exterior body to wipe or dry larger surface areas.

    The foremost common towels used are the Terry-style microfibers, but other variations, including microfiber “glass” towels and “waffle” towels, also can be found. The terry style microfiber towels have a pile, while glass towels are smooth and almost satin-feeling. The waffle style looks exactly like it sounds.

    Terry towels

    Terry towels are still extremely popular within the carwash and detail industry. This is an equivalent sort of towel used in reception in bathrooms. These towels are absorbent, durable, and versatile, making them a top choice. Soft terry towels are ideal for the body of the car, while lower-cost towels are often used for upholstery cleaning, carpet spotting, and cleaning wheel wells and door jambs.

    Smaller towels are usually much lighter weight and can be used for dirtier jobs like wiping wheel wells, door jambs, or taking a touch spot out of the upholstery or carpet. Larger terry towels are bath towel-sized and it is preferred by those that are detailing larger vehicles, like trucks.

    A low-quality Turkish towel may feel scratchy or disintegrate after a couple of pieces of washing whereas a higher-quality Turkish towel might feel softer and last many washes. Though all detailers have preferences on what they like in towels, it’s important to understand what qualities work for you. The most popular may be a towel that weighs either three or four pounds per dozen. Work with a towel vendor to urge the texture and thickness you wish.

    Huck towels

    Huck towels, or O.R. towels, have lost popularity but are still used.  100-percent cotton, lint-free, easy to break in, and lightweight, properties making them easy to clean tight spaces. They work great on windows and car interiors.

    Hucks is straightforward to worry about but are limited in color and size. While they are naturally absorbent, they cannot physically hold the maximum amount of liquid as microfiber or a Turkish towel. The majority of the microfiber towels can hold seven times their weight. Hucks works well on the windows, but microfibers create less streaking and have a tendency to be superior in performance.

    In today's world, many towel options are available more than ever before. Microfiber products still evolve, and extra options look to get on the horizon, including the fairly new, limited-use, nonwoven microfibers carried by many towel vendors. Part of choosing the proper towel is trial and error. Luckily, towels are relatively inexpensive, especially when evaluating cost peruse.

    Ultra Soft Eco-Friendly Microfiber Towels
    0 Ultra Soft Eco-Friendly Microfiber Towels

    A Microfiber Towel is woven with synthetic fiber, which has yarn that is finer than that of silk. Microfiber is made with a combination of polyester and polyamide (nylon). This type of fabric can able to attach itself to the smallest and microscopic dirt particles than the normal fabric.

    The capillary action between the polyester and polyamide creates a high absorbency, which in turn enables the cloth to clean and polish at the same time. There are plenty of benefits of this fabric which will be used to clean effectively and have better absorbency more than seven times than that of the traditional 100% cotton fabric.

    Microfiber Softees towels are 6 times more durable than cotton and 7 times more absorbent. It can clean germs, bacteria, dust, dirt and other substance even it is wet or dry cloth and doesn’t need any chemicals or polishes. In this case, it is perfect for all disinfecting areas like salon, spa, kitchen and health facilities.

    Our Diane Softees Microfiber Towels acts as an environment-friendly product that doesn’t require much water, eliminates waste particles and avoids the use of chemicals in cleaning your car, health care, and fitness equipment.

    Unlike other towels, microfiber towels can be used much more than a hundred times before replacing the new one and safety for the day to salon/spa activities. Ideal for gym, athletics, and fitness persons which keeps the body cool and dry from moisture.

    Microfiber towels should be washed and maintained separately without mixing with cotton and other fabric materials. If not, then the lint from the cotton fabric will penetrate the microfiber which leads to limit or eliminate the absorbency.

    Use liquid detergent instead of powder and avoid bleach and fabric softeners while washing. Wash with cold/warm water based on the washing instructions and adding baking soda will eliminate odor and unwanted smell.

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