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    Why Salon needs Bleach Safe Towels?
    0 Why Salon needs Bleach Safe Towels?

    Salon – is the place involving various activities such as hair coloring, haircutting, and washing. Harsh Chemicals and shampoo take part in it. Towels are the primary source to indulge in those salon activities. If you own a salon shop, you must know the importance of salon towels. 

    In regular salon use, towels must be in continuous contact with the hair care products. Those chemical products leave a stain mark on the towels. In another case, wet towels are a good place for microbes to grow. The only solution is to wash towels with “Bleach” to eliminate the stain and germs. 

    Bleach is a chemical substance that is well-known as “Stain remover” and “Disinfectant.” Bleach wash retains the softness and newness of the towels, but it damages the color of the towels. For that reason, Salon industries prefer the “Beach Safe” or “Bleach Resistant” towels for salon use. 

    Bleach does not decolor the safe bleach towels in the regular wash and protects its longevity. Buying bleach-resistant towels save money on towel replacement. 

    Reasons to choose Bleach proof Towels:

    Retains towels look:

     A towel is in good condition lets your salon customers feel comfy and cozy. Bleach washing helps to retain the new look of the towels in the long run. Bleach-proof towels are essential to make a good impact among customers on your salon service. Bleach ensures your customers can utilize stainless and germless Bleach-proof towels. 

    Assorted colors:

    Bleach safe towels are available in a variety of vibrant and light colors. In the tons of choices, pick the color which matches the interior theme of your Salon. These towels are manufactured with a dye that does not react with Bleach. In bleaching, Bleach resistant towels withhold their original color for a longer duration. 

    Compatible sizes:

    Salon professionals can’t use the hair towels to wipe off their hands while working. Bleach-proof towels come in various sizes to fulfill the various functionalities of the salon station. It’s available as Hand Towels, Face Towels, and Hair Towels.

    Simple Washing:

    It’s another good factor that it’s easy to wash Bleach-resistant towels. These towels never spill the color in the bleach washing. Without separating dark & light color towels, you can wash them together in one laundry cycle. Add a small amount of detergent, and Bleach would suffice to remove the stain from the towels.


    Bleach-resistant towels are long-lasting. Bleach washing lets the towels possess their softness and a new look for many washes. Buying suitable towels for Salon reduces the investment in towel replacement. 

    Fill your closet with high-quality and long-lasting bleach-proof salon towels!!








    How to Choose the Best Bleach Proof Towels for Beauty Salon Industries
    1 How to Choose the Best Bleach Proof Towels for Beauty Salon Industries

    Manager or Owner of Beauty Salons & Spas, Nail Salons, and Tanning Salons need to stock supplies like scissors, razors, electric styling tools, spray bottles, haircutting capes, brushes, combs, hand mirrors, hair coloring instruments, color dyes, hairdryer, shampoos, lotions, etc…

    One more item is Towels and it is equally important to run the business success because it gets to use more often.

    Any Professional in Salon Industry has to use towels, which are to be washed frequently and maintained properly. Because the survey found that 65% of the customer switched or select their salon based on the look and feel of the towels they are using. Hence, the owner or manager has to give special attention to the towels that it should not be hanging around, spotted threads, or ugly while using on customers.

    There are varieties of towels in the market, the best suited for multipurpose like hair cutting, coloring, dyeing, bleaching, shampooing, etc. is Bleach Proof Towels, which is last over 15 years, HY Supplies is the first concern come up with the specific demand for the Bleach Proof Towels since 1991. Selecting dark colors such as Brown, Charcoal Gray, Navy Blue, Green, Burgundy, and Purple will not show up Color Tint and it will best suit your salon design and environment. But light colors will show Color Tint, and it will be removed when washed with Bleach in cold water. 

    The towel which suits all the purposes is Bleach Proof Salon Towels, Coloring Chemicals such as Peroxide and other Bleaching agents do not affect the color of the “Bleach Proof Towel”. Even after Hundreds of Washes, the “Bleach Proof Towel” retains its original color and finish, with no noticeable fading.

    HY Supplies provides Wholesale Bleach Proof Salon Towels are popular and economical, available sizes like 16” x 27” & 16” x 29” w/ 3 Lbs which are extra absorbent and dry hair quickly. Thin density towels will not absorb water compared to thick density towels but it will take less time to dry. The fabric used in the towels is made of 100% cotton ringspun yarn w/ Double Hemming on Four Edges and done with the special dying process for softness and long-lasting quality. Suitable for Beauty Salon Towels, Day Spa, Tanning Salons and Nailing Centers.



    Magic Bleach Proof Salon Towels - 16" x 28" - 3.0 Lbs


    Bleach Safe Prism Collection - 16" x 29" - 3.0 Lbs 


    Bleach Resistant Towels - 16" x 27" - 2.8 Lbs


    Beauty Salons will use lots of chemicals and dyeing processes; Bleach Proof Towels will resist chemicals, bleach, and remove stains of hair dyes, bronzers, make-up, lotions, germs, and bacteria. It will retain color, absorbent, and softness even after more no of washes. These towels are done by a high-quality VAT DYED process to withstand its color and quality.

    Benefits of Bleach Proof Towels:

    •          Bleach Proof Towels are used for all salon needs (Coloring, Dyeing, etc…)
    •          Fade-resistant and doesn’t affect by chemicals or bleach.
    •          Made of high-quality material and available in distinct sizes and colors.
    •          The bleach-proof towel is more absorbent, smooth, soft, and fluffy.
    •          Can maintain separate colors for various purposes.

    We offer great wholesale pricing on Bleach Proof Salon Towels. The more you purchase, the more you save.

    Vat Dyed vs. Reactive Dyed Towels for Beauty and Hospitality Industry
    5 Vat Dyed vs. Reactive Dyed Towels for Beauty and Hospitality Industry

    A dye is defined as the colored elements which contain chromophore and autochrome groups used in the solution, which is capable to fix with the cotton fabrics. It should be fast or stable so that it will retain color even after washing with soaps, chlorine, chemicals.

    It doesn’t fade on exposure to sunlight (Ultraviolet rays), etc. The color fastness depends on the two key factors like fabrics and the method of dyeing the fiber, yarn, or fabric.

    There are various types of dyes used for textiles are Acid Dyes, Natural Dyes, Basic (Cationic) Dyes, Synthetic Dyes, Direct (substantive) Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Sulfur Dyes, Pigment Dyes, Mordant Dyes, Vat Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Macromolecular Dyes, Metallized Dyes, Naphthol Dyes, Premetallized Dyes, Gel Dyeing, Developed Dyes, Azo Dyes, Aniline Dyes, Anthraquinone Dyes. 

    Vat Dyed Towels:

    Vat dye towels are different from reactive dyes, disperse dyes, basic dyes. It can't be directly applied and required vatting because it is insoluble in water. But a vat dyes fastness property is good among all dyes.

    A vat dye's towel color does not be bright as colors in the reactive dye process, but it retains color much longer than reactive dyes. This VAT dye process is more expensive compared to others, but the colors withstand harsh chemicals and chlorine even after more no of washes. Vat dyes work on Cotton, Wool, and also other natural fibers.

    Some of the Vat Dyed Towels includes

                     o   Bleach Proof Salon Towels (Hand Towels – 16” x 27”)

                     o   Oxford Imperiale Color Towels

                     o   Oxford Golf Towels

                     o   Oxford Tropical Stripe Pool Towels

                     o   Lounge Cover Towels

                     o   Economy Color Pool Towels

                     o   Oxford Cabana Stripe Pool/Beach Towels (2x2, 4x4)  

    Reactive Dyed:

    The dye used in this type of towel is reactive dyes. It will react with the cotton fiber and molecule of dye to form a covalent link, which will form a permanent attachment in the fiber and can’t be removed by washing.

    With this process, the towels get bright colors than other dyes. Comparing to other dyes the reactive dyes bind chemicals to the cotton fibers, which improve the color brightness. Most of the towels are used in this process and are very affordable. Reactive dyes work on fabrics like Cotton, linen, rayon, ramie, and viscose rayon fabric (silk and wool with an acidic dye bath).

     The Reactive Dyed Towels includes

                o   Salon Color Towels

                o   Oxford Solid Pool Towels

                o   Economy, 2x2 Cabana Stripe Assorted Beach/Pool Towels

                o   Economy 2 x 2 Cabana Multicolor Stripe Beach/Pool Towels 

    Vat dye and Reactive dye towels are used in Beauty salons, Nail Salons, Tanning Salons, Golf Courses, Hotels/Motels Pool Areas, etc…

    Browse to know more about HY Supplies Inc.'s wide choice of Wholesale Towels for the Beauty and Hospitality Industry.