Basic Polyester Fitted Tablecloths(Price/Each)

$40.00/Ea. Flame Resistant, Crafted in USA, 100% Basic Poly (Fits For 4 Ft, 6 Ft and 8 Ft Tables), Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

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Delivery date: Ship Within 1-3 Days ( Excluding order date )

Product Descriptions

100% Polyester Material and Available in 74 Colors.

Edges are Folded & then Hemmed.

Option for 2 slots for easy storage under the table, just lift entire back panel or slits in all 4 corners for dining.

Option for 4-sided or 3-sided, open back fitted tablecloth.

All goods are First quality and made to exceed expectations for longevity.

we can adjust the length or height if you have specific requirements.

Stain release fabric, wrinkle resistant, durable.

High-quality material used, the weight of this item is very heavy

Used in Wedding, Party, Christmas and Easter Table Decoration.


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